Bookish Thoughts: “The 51 Prettiest Sentences in Young Adult Books”

This bookish post is fairly small and simple; it isn’t a review of some grandiose article or journal, nor a larger than life philosophical discussion on “the bigger picture”. Simply, this is a post on words.

I think the majority of the reading population can agree, that at some point in our lives, there has been at least one profound statement…a thought or phrase…that resonated with you on a most uniquely level, it has permanently left a mark on you to this day.

The way in which you see the world – the manner in which you present yourself to others – deciding the kind of person you want to be…this statement changed you in a way that others simply can’t comprehend.

Words are exceptionally powerful. Literature has a power beyond comprehension.

When I turned 15, my mom bought me a book. It’s a simple book from Chapters, full of empty pages for me to fill. She didn’t call it a diary – it was more of a thought book. Where I write my favourite songs, phrases that really touch me, and other mundane things. Since then, one of my favourite obsessions with reading literature is finding key phrases and statements that speak to me in ways others can’t – words that comprehend my feelings better than I do.

A couple of days ago, BuzzFeed posted a list of The 51 Prettiest Sentence in Young Adult Books. Obviously, this is subjective since what one finds “pretty” or “beautiful” may differ from another. Nevertheless, I thought the majority were absolutely stunning as I read through the article – some of them are even in my book of thoughts currently and many of the books the sentences are from are on my book shelves.

If you are looking for some reading ideas or simply want to read some pretty phenomenal sentences, click here!

Happy Reading!

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