52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Three]: Family

With Easter festivities coming up, the topic of family seems to be a pretty appropriate topic.

Now…how do I describe my family…let’s use a meme, shall we?


That really sums it up; however, this would be a VERY short and boring post. So I’ll elaborate…

My immediate family consists of my mom, dad, brother, and two lovely puppies (yes, they are actually not puppies anymore…but all dogs are puppies…vent over).

My mom and dad are high school sweethearts I guess you could say. They met the first time at a coffee shop and then at a drive in movie theater. A few years later into their relationship, I came around (surprise!). I wasn’t necessarily planned but not a mistake either. About a year and a half later, my brother Tyler was the second surprise. After that, there were no more surprises ha-ha! My mom and dad would later wed when I turned 4 – I totally got to walk up the aisle with my mom.

A little about the momma bear. Rona is the name of my lovely and magnificent mom, and she is probably where I get my insanity from – but that’s okay. She’s very creative, extremely generous and has an even bigger heart. I don’t want to go too much into my mom since there’s a specific week during this challenge that I want to talk about her more. So I guess let’s move onto her side of the family a bit.


Born in Nova Scotia, my mom is a bluenoser by birth which I think’s the reason for her insanity. During her younger childhood years, she moved to Ontario with my grandma Ruth. Later, my aunt Nicole (Colie) would be born. When I was born, I became pretty close with my aunt Colie and grandma. I would visit aunt Colie rather frequently every summer during my child; the summers were filled with grand adventures and lots of craft time. She now has two beautiful sons (also my godchildren) who are full of life and growing so fast before my eyes! Now it’s my turn to feel old…

My grandma babysat my brother and I for as long as I can remember. We would play in her garden, go for walks to the candy store, and dance nonstop to “Old Time Rock and Roll”. Even though I moved to Ottawa, she tries to keep in touch by sending me little “I love you. Love Grandma” texts every so often. I tried to explain the whole “I know the text is from you” thing but she wasn’t getting it…My Great grandma is also an amazing person. Seriously, she’s beautiful inside and out. She thinks the world of all her kids, grandkids, great grandkids, etc. In addition to this, her molasses cookies and cherry cheese cake are to die for!

They’re all rather funny people – my mom and aunt really know how to have a good laugh. Seriously, you can’t really be depressed when they’ve got a giggle fit going. The rest of the extended family is like that as well; my Great grandma, my Great aunt Rosie, my second and third cousins, etc. We don’t all see each other frequently; but when we do, it’s a grand time with a crazy amount of laughter and fun.

Snapchat-1809430659Now daddio’s turn. Brandon’s my dad’s name, who’s extremely clever and just as stubborn as I am. The two of us on odd sides? BAD combination! But even when we disagree, we still have a laugh later. Honestly though, he’s so intelligent and can easily makes friends. This is probably why his business has worked out so well for so long.

My dad was born in Ontario and would later be joined by my aunt Kristen. According to my grandma Pat and grandpa Bob, he was a really good kid but sometimes a…hmmm…probably shouldn’t use swear words. He could be a trouble maker. I spent much of my childhood around my aunt Kristen – she would frequently take me to swimming lessons and come over to visit the house. She now is married with two lovely children.

My grandma Pat was living in Alberta during most of my childhood. However, she’s been living in Ontario for quite a while now which really helped us become closer. She’s pretty neat with all of her family pictures she’s held onto. She also really loves her dog Cooper.


My grandpa stayed in Ontario, working with his personal tow trucking business. My dad and grandpa are very much a like – they are both good with numbers, love a good political discussion, huge dog lovers, and are great at owning businesses. My grandpa and I didn’t become close until my high school years. That’s when we started going for dinners and really getting to know one another. Those times were pretty grand and I miss them terribly.

My brother’s name is Tyler, a lover of Disney films and cookies (those pictures above are OLD…sue me). His real love is Scooby-Doo, a stuffed animal who has been by his side for a silly amount of year. Ty was born with autism and unfortunately developed a few more ailments in his adolescents. Though there are rough times, there are also wonderful times. He can’t pronounce too many words, but of course he can say “Hakuna Matata” perfectly. Priorities, am I right? It’s tough because I can’t see him as much as I would like to, but my parents keep me in the loop on how he’s doing. He’s freaking adorable and a little rascal – he thinks he’s SO sneaky…

And lastly, we have the puppies! Buzz “Bert” and Aster “Millie” are their names, two very adorable cocker spaniels – my mom gave them middle names…don’t ask. Those two are absolutely hilarious and very loving. I don’t get to see them too much, since my parents got them when I wasn’t living at the house anymore. I do enjoy my time with them when I visit though!

That’s the gist of it! I could go on for days about our holiday shenanigans, family outings, and fun vacation times – but there’s really no time for that. My family is quirky and a little different – but I think that’s what makes them so interesting and fun! We are definitely not the norm but I’m alright with that.


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