52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Four]: A family member

Snapchat-1312978511Last week, the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge was about family; this week, I’m to choose a family member in specific to talk about. Many members of my family have done a great amount for me, helping me become the person I am today. However, there’s one person in specific that is both family and my best friend, my comrade and my sidekick, my hero and the person I strive to become like…my mom.

My mom, Rona Lynn, was born in Nova Scotia and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada. Witty and full of joy, it’s hard to have a dull moment when she’s around.

There’s so much to say about my mom, I could go on for days! So I decided to mimic some other bloggers and write the top 10 things I love about my mom:

One. She knows how to make you laugh. When I say laugh, I’m talking about that crying fit curled up in a ball from your stomach hurting too much laugh. Even complete strangers will start to have a fit of laughter. The funny thing is, she’s usually not trying to be funny. She has a gift, my friends – she should’ve pursued being a comedian.

Two. My mom is phenomenally creative! All my life, I’ve been a procrastinator…it’s both a gift and a curse. A number of times though, I would leave my projects extremely last minute. Rather than yell or get angry, my mom would sit down and discuss how we can make this project work. The things she came up with at the last minute were and still are surreal! She’s also the creative genius behind my blog name Bookmark Your Thoughts. Yup…can’t take credit for that one.

Three. Going off number two, she’s not only creative but patient. With my procrastination and never knowing what to expect what my brother was up to, she always upheld the most incredible patience with us. I barely ever remember her yelling; even if I did something really silly or Ty wrecked something in the house, she tried her absolute best to not yell but rather teach us what we did was wrong and how to fix it. It takes a great skill to be that patient – I hope I continue to develop that myself.

Four. Her heart is made of gold. My mom is constantly putting others above herself. This isn’t even something she has to think about – it’s a natural thing she does. My mom can’t comprehend why people wouldn’t want to help others and do what they can to make other peoples’ lives easier. For instance, every year we donate a gift to a child for Christmas. There’s no prize or incentive – we just enjoy doing that. I’m lucky that I’ve developed that part of her – but she’s still much more caring!


Five. She has a wide variety of talents! From drawing to creative thinking, to teaching and learning new skills – my mom could’ve really been anything she wanted in life.

Six. I can talk to her about anything. Obviously, there are things in life that I keep to myself, my little box of secrets that I don’t think the world needs to know. Nevertheless, the person who knows the most about me on this planet is my mom. She’s typically the first person I think to call when somethings wrong, when I need advice, or I simply need some human interaction. I feel all my concerns and worries are not silly to her, and she knows how to make me see the other side of things. I don’t know if I would be as happy in life as I am now if my mom wasn’t there for me.

Seven. She was my saving grace in high school for math. Those subjects were a struggle for me…it was the worst part of high school in my opinion. My dad tried to help; however, he does it all in his head so that really wasn’t useful for me. So my mom stayed up late, helping me work through my math problems. When I got low grades, she always reminded me that I wasn’t unintelligent because of my lack in math skills. She would reinforce there are different smarts – that I had strengths in places others didn’t.

Eight. Her optimism is contagious! It’s such a liberating feeling, being around someone who isn’t half glass empty and constantly pessimistic. Sure, she has her down days. Typically though, she’s pretty good at finding the finer things in life – those simply things that make your world just a little brighter. I think this is her best quality.

Nine. She supports me in my endeavors. Two years ago, I decided to try a vegetarian diet; I’m still a vegetarian to this day. At first, she was a little concerned simply because my iron and B12 were already low. With this in mind though, she never told me I couldn’t do it. Instead, she helped support me. She tries to find recipes for me, she finds healthy supplements, and she’s willing to try vegetarian restaurants with me every so often. Another time was when I told her I wanted to become a librarian. It wasn’t very shocking, but many people were concerned I wouldn’t find work so I shouldn’t do it. My mom never ever told me I shouldn’t go for it. Rather, she discussed researching more into that field of study to prepare myself for afterwards. I don’t think she realizes how IMG_20160822_084101much I appreciated this, especially when everyone else seemed to be dragging me away from my dream job.

Ten. She’s my light. When I’m sad or scared or worried, I think of my mom. I wonder what she would do, how she would handle it, and what she would say. Though I still suffer through anxiety and worry-wart moments, I’m able to calm myself down much better than a couple years ago. My moms constant support and kindness, her ability to find the good things in life, and the strength she gives me when she tells me I can do anything…those things have made me a stronger person. She is the golden light in my life – my mom and my best friend.


I love you momma bear.

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