52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Five]: Something Someone Gave You

IMG_20170429_110843_738I’m not too much of a materialistic person, or at least I would like to think I’m not. I love to shop for decor and books and tea, but those aren’t the things I hold close to my heart. It’s moments that are important, times in one’s life that really make an impact.

With this being said, there are items (yes, plural) that have a certain importance and have a special meaning behind them. I’m supposed to pick one but I truly can’t, so I’m choosing three.

  1. TY Beanie Baby: A cat named Scat. It might seem silly to you, but this toy’s really special to me. My grandma bought her at a local drugstore, to which this plush toy became my best companion. Even when her tail started to fall off, my grandma sowed it back on. I still have her to this day, sitting on my bookshelf with all my other important things.
  2. My “Book of Everything”: A Chapter writing book from my lovely mom. I write important quotes, my favourite songs, wrote my own poetry and other miscellaneous thoughts in it. Whenever I go away on trips or visit someplace, I take it with me. This book is finally almost completely full, which means starting a new “Book of Everything”.
  3. A Gold Chain Necklace: In Grade 8, my grandpa bought me a gold chain necklace as a graduation gift. He had some help from his really good friend, a wonderful woman with a heart of gold. For most of my life since then, this necklace has remained on me and I don’t plan on removing it anytime soon.

Materialistic things aren’t the most important things in life, but it’s the memories and stories behind these gifts that really make them highly cherished and loved.

That’s it folks! Happy Reading!

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