Top Ten Tuesday: Books for your Beach Bag

Summer Reads Freebie: Books for your Beach Bag

I have a love-hate relationship with summer. The humidity, being forced to wear clothing that I felt fat in, buildings being too cold with the air conditioning…it’s awful. But the blissful summer nights stargazing, the feel of summer rain, fun days playing and reading at the beach, all those wonderful and memory filled days at the cottage…those are the beautiful things. Eventually, summer started to become less about the dislikes and more about the likes.

For this Top Ten Tuesday, we have another freebie! I’ve decided to go with books to go in your beach bag. The books I’m going with either take place in the summer or shortly afterwards. The theme I was going with was coming of age and nostalgia. I don’t know why, but these two themes tend to be more popular reads for me in the summer months. Also, I chose 12 books this time – woopsie.

Remember that you can find the weekly topics at The Broke and the Bookish page!

What are your beach bag books? Do you have any fun summer reads?

Happy Reading!

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