Update: Recognition for New Rating Images

Hello beautiful people!

She has done it again! The wonderful Naj at the Whimsical Logo Shop has created new rating images for me that I’ve been desperately wanting to use since I started this book blog!

When I first began, I knew I wanted to rate by either tea bags or tea cups, since I’m a borderline addict. I will have to post a picture of the bookshelf my roommate and I use for tea to further emphasize this. Anyways, I am not gifted in the arts of drawing or using tools such as Photoshop; my attempts were horrendous to say the least. After I had such success with my signature and logo, I figured I would as Naj for help with my rating icons. Without further ado, here are the icons!





Aren’t they adorable!? So how it works is that the green and pink are full cups of tea, with the clear being an empty. To put this into perspective, a four star rating will have either four green or pink tea cups and one clear tea cup. Naj actually thought up the clear tea cup idea!

really want to emphasize how wonderful people are on Etsy. This took a lot of time and effort, especially since I can’t explain my needs for the life of me. Please go over and visit her shop, even just to glance! She works very hard and is an extremely humble person.

Anyways, that’s it for now!

Happy Reading!

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