Major Update: Domain Name Change!

You may have noticed this already, but has now become….

After I sawΒ Read Voraciously’s post Choosing a domain name, it got me thinking that I should check if is taken. Sadly, it is.

Now, I could’ve simply changed this around and added some things to the blog domain name. The thing is, Bookmark Your Thoughts has a great sentimental value to me. My mom came up with the name for me; when she found out I used the name for my book blog, she was so happy and excited!

I also have a need to keep things consistent, so it was staying.

Short and sweet update! But while we’re on the topic, some people may be deciding to update their domain names and are wondering the pros and cons of choosing certain top-level domains. The resources below are just a few of many posts regarding this. Don’t be like me and do it on a whim because patience has been thrown into the wind…do research!

Happy Reading!








.Blog Domains: Everything You Need to Know
The .BLOG Domain: One of the biggest new domains is coming soon
How to Decide Which Domain Extension is Right For You
Is .Com Really Better Than .Net or .US?

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