Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books for My Dad

Father’s Day Freebie: Best Books for My Dad

really had a hard time deciding between favourite dads in literature and books to buy my dad. I actually had a really hard time thinking of favourite dads in literature; there were a few like Atticus Finch and Arthur Weasley, but it wasn’t as easy as finding favourite moms in literature. So let’s show off literature my dad would like! I love my dad so much! He’s such a great man, showing an immense amount of strength and intelligence. Honestly, the things he can do are simply phenomenal. I’m immensely jealous of some things he can do that I can’t, such as really complicated math equations in his head and working on machinery. Thus, a post on some amazing dads in literature is a perfect post for the Father’s Day Freebie!

Remember that you can find the weekly topics at The Broke and the Bookish page!

My dad is a history buff, especially World War I and World War II. He’s also a dog lover, loves Star Wars, and appears to like Dan Brown, so I’m going to work off of those things! Again, I’m posting 12 since my OCD doesn’t like me posting three rows of three books then one row of one book (don’t ask…).





My dad has pretty good taste when it comes to literature I think 🙂 What books would you buy your dad?

Happy Reading and Happy (early) Father’s Day!




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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books for My Dad

    1. Possibly. There was (and kind of still is) the stereotype of the hard father figure who doesn’t understand the MC. It’s kind of getting better. I just finished “Wonder” and the dad is an amazing father figure. Theres also that the dad died a lot in Children’s lit or was seduced by an evil woman…


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