52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Fifteen]: Things You Like About Spring

Hello beautiful people!

Well, if you haven’t already noticed…I’m back! I feel rejuvenated and much less stress! I have lots of fun ideas for this blog and for revamping my Bookstagram so I’m getting pretty excited! Unfortunately, I fell behind on the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge…woopsie! I typically only post Monday through Thursday, but I’m going to post Thursday through Saturday specifically in regards to the 52 Weeks of Gratitude! I was going to do one big ol’ post…but the OCD kicked in ha-ha!

What do I like about Spring?

For starters, I love the flowers! The smell of flowers is wonderful, especially when you go for a nice walk early in the morning. I’m definitely one of those weirdos you see walking who suddenly stops and smells flowers – no shame! Honestly, the greenery in general is just nice to see! I love snow and all, but a girl can only take so much winter and snow and ice…

I also love the rain. It’s not as much fun as summer rain, but once it gets warmer it’s so much fun to walk in or simply to listen to while sitting inside with a book in your hands…

Lastly, I love the days growing longer. Nighttime is wonderful and fun, but I do miss seeing the sun more and feeling the warm rays. It definitely helps rejuvenate the soul!

Short and sweet my friends! What do you like about Spring?


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