52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Eighteen]: The Weather

Not gonna lie, I yet again had to search and see what people posted for this one. I apparently really need to sit and think more ha-ha! I was wondering if it was currently, overall, my favourite, all the above?

From what others have posted, it’s overall in regards to where I live. Makes sense…should’ve thought a little harder…any who…let’s get started!

I live in a beautiful and wonderful country: Canada! We actually just had our big Canada Day 150 celebration, which was pretty big for us since we aren’t as old of a country in comparison to many around the globe!

Basically, the weather is drastically different depending on the province you live in and where you live IN that province. For instance, British Columbia gets a silly amount of rain but also has a lot of summer forest fires; Alberta has some pretty dry summers (from my recollection) but the winters are terrifying!

I live in Ontario, which gets a pretty good balance of all the seasons! Each has it’s pros and cons, but they are all pretty wonderful.

Spring is usually a combination of Summer and Winter; one minute you’re wearing a parka, the next day you’re wearing shorts. No joke my friends. It’s definitely a daring adventure when I choose what to wear in the morning; at least I typically don’t need to worry about rain boots. Also, this photo below is typically in May since it’s the Tulip Festival. Don’t be fooled…Winter here likes to stick around until at least mid April…

Photo taken from Boomer Voice

Summer is wonderful; a little awkward at times though since it’s both humid and dry…yup, try explaining that one. Overall, it’s nice though. It typically doesn’t go above 40 CΒ  or below 15 C.Β  The best is the summer nights and the summer rain; it’s cool and refreshing, giving you a break from the hot sticky days. We get some wicked thunderstorms but without the threat (typically) of a tornado.

Image taken from National Post article

Fall is my favourite season…the colours, the fresh air, the festivities…what’s not to love?! Ontario is full of vast open fields and forestry areas, so it’s wonderful to see the colour changes in the different environments! Fall is the season I read the most; I feel like that stereotypical hipster reader with my coffee and book who occasionally stares out the window when I need to ponder…those wonderful pictures you usually see on Tumblr. It’s a thing, which I don’t mind!

Illustration by Sarah Marino

Winter is definitely my second favourite season! In Ottawa, there is SO much to do; skating on the canal, eating frozen taffy, going to Winterlude, drinking hot cocoa outside while freezing your bum off, skiing, and so much more. It can become a little chaotic though, like that time we got 51cm of snow and actually got to leave work early…my one hour trip took me 4 hours that day. Overall, it’s a lot of fun. I love the crisp winter hair and the cold clear skies. It gets rather chilly when standing in line for festivities (*cough* that time my roommate and I stood out in -35C to see ice sculpture making *cough*) but it’s usually not too bad.

Image taken from Tourism Ottawa

Though I sometimes complain about the weather, I really shouldn’t. We either rarely suffer or will never suffer from tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, wildfires, and other extreme weather disasters. We have had the occasional flooding, but it could be SO much worse.

I love where I live, and I love how every season is so uniquely different from the others. However…let’s end on some funny weather memes, shall we? Side note…these pictures are funny but are totally accurate!


What’s your favourite season? What kind of weather do you experience?

Thanks for reading!


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