52 Weeks of Gratitude [Week Twenty]: A Friend Number Two

As I mentioned in my post regarding friend number one, this was really difficult for me. I ended up going through the list of the weekly prompts in order to find ways to talk about all my important friends and key people in my life…yup, I’m a weirdo.

For this week, I’m going to talk about my other closest girlfriend from undergrad who’s actually close with the friend I talked about in A Friend Number One: Alicia.

Alicia and I met in undergrad, same as I did with Cody. We met a little later, near the end of first year. Her and Cody were moving in together with our friend Steve, so I got to meet the new person to be added to our circle of friends. Funny thing, I actually was not sure how I felt about her when we first met – she knows this too, and thinks it’s hilarious! Honestly, I was like, “who is this girl? why is she coming into the circle?”. Then, I got to know her…and boy am I glad I did!

Alicia is one of the funniest and most entertaining people I know; our times together are a blast! We could just be sitting at home and chilling, yet the night ends with us laughing so hard our stomachs hurt. A woman full of strength and ambition, she’s always full of life and tries her best in all endeavors. We are both music lovers, which definitely adds to the fun times. Randomly singing and doing weird things is a norm with us.

Undergrad…oh undergrad. She wasn’t as much of a partier as Cody and I, but I digged that about her; yes, I used the word “dig”. It sucked because we wanted her to always have fun with us, but it was cool to see someone who didn’t feel the need to party at clubs to have fun. But when did come out with us, man was she the life of the party! He dancing was always on point, putting our drunkin’ butts to shame ha-ha! I felt like she was our mother hen, or that older sister figure. She let us have our fun, but was always there to make sure we didn’t destroy ourselves…like that time I had too much rum…and spit bread out while she was trying to prevent me from having a bad hangover…wonderful days.

Interestingly, Alicia and I grew closer after we both left undergrad. I went to London and then to Ottawa, while she returned to Toronto. I was super worried at first that her and Cody and I would lose touch, since I’ve never really had best friends that were girls before until I met these two. But the distance just showed how strong our bond is to one another. We don’t talk everyday, but there’s definitely some ridiculous Snapchats that pop up frequently…she doesn’t take things too seriously ha-ha!

What really made me realize how close our bond is was when she asked me to be in her wedding party, which her wedding is next year. I didn’t cry or anything; her and I aren’t those kind of girls ha-ha! But I felt so loved and cherished, for I know how big a decision like that can be. When I got to see her in her wedding dress for the dress fitting, it made me realize how exciting it is to have close bonds with people; growing up with them and seeing how our lives unfold is such a surreal feeling. We totally went “goofy” mode while everyone else was tearing up, but that’s just how we show our love for each other.

Just like Cody, I don’t think Alicia realizes how important our friendship is to me and how perfectly timed it was. Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I didn’t have many friends growing up. It’s always been a struggle with me. Alicia let me open up to her, spilling out my problems and struggles when I felt as though the world was closing in on me. Even now, I get lonely and scared and worried. Alicia lets me just vent out about it over the phone, even if she’s incredibly busy. She’s that kind of person; she’s there for you, no matter the distance or challenges. I appreciate her honestly, as she’s to the point with me but makes sure my feelings aren’t hurt. That’s a true friend, one who’s willing to be honest with you even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. I didn’t know friends could be like this until I met these two. I have had other really close friends, but this bond it different, especially since girls have always scared me ha-ha! Like the analogy I used with Cody, I felt and continue to feel that I can simply be me with Alicia – no need to hide who I am. I can simply just be.

So thank you Alicia, for being one of my three musketeers. When I’m with you, I forget my insecurities. Being me is fun and natural when I hang out with you…you have no idea how important that is to me.

I love you as though you’re my sister, my family…I am so happy to call you my friend and be apart of the next big step in your life.

Thank you Alicia ❀

Thank you for reading!

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