Help: Bostick Communications?!

Hello everyone!

Short and sweet post, just thought I would ask you lovely knowledgeable people a question:

Have any of you received review requests from Bostick Communications before??

About two months ago, I received my first review request. I figured it was spam, so I didn’t touch it. Now I’ve received 5 to 6 review requests…and the pace of receiving them is growing at a fairly fast rate. I don’t remember registering for these, so I can only assume they found my email through one of my social media formats. It’s weird, for it appears they don’t actually read my book review policy whatsoever, since they ask questions which are clearly outlined in it.

So yes, have any of you lovely people heard of this site before and wrote reviews through receiving an email from them?

Thank you!

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7 thoughts on “Help: Bostick Communications?!

  1. Sorry, don’t believe I’ve heard of them before but I can say it’s pretty common to get mails that don’t seem to read before sending. You’d honestly think they’d save themselves a bit of time before trying to contact readers.

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    1. Lmao! It just seems so sketchy, the random number of different publishers from the same source to which i never submitted an email to or made an account. I’m also PRETTY new to this so that could be completely normal haha! Thanks for the help!

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  2. I never got review request from them but I received request from one publisher who has contacted me to write review on their website. I didn’t agree exactly asked for some info regarding how I will receive book and all and they suddenly broke the thread. After sometime they started giving my email id to authors they have worked for. On first request I didn’t realize they are from the same publisher and accepted request. and then got series of request and they don’t even bother to check review policy or my blog. :/ That’s really annoying! I just don’t respond them anymore. So, I learned lesson and now first thing I check who is publisher. πŸ˜€

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