Friends for Days Tag

Hello beautiful people!

I would like to thank Kristin from A Simply Enchanted Life for tagging me in the “Friends for Days” Tag! During the past couple of months or so, we’ve been chatting and getting to know one another. Kristin is a sweetheart and a very approachable person! I barely know her yet I feel like I can chat with her as though we’ve know one another for ages. Even better, her blog is absolutely beautiful and informative! The outline, the organization…goals. Additionally, I’d like to thank Cheila@ pinkfordays for creating this tag!

The Rules

  • Say who created the tag and provide a link to their blog.
  • Do a blog post showing your Tag.
  • Add the logo to the post.
  • Always thank the person who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and, if you like, say something positive and supportive about their blog.
  • Choose 5 bloggers that you don’t know very well or that are just starting their blog  (I chose five random bloggers because I don’t often know who is new or not!).
  • Go over to their blogs and read a few posts, like and comment (I already do this fairly often so I didn’t specifically do this right before this post).
  • Say 3 things you love about their blogs (3 things for each blogger).
  • Those 5 bloggers are automatically nominated to do the same.
  • Nominate two bloggers who have been doing this for a longer time! Don’t forget to let them know you’re nominated them (didn’t do this since I don’t often know who is new or not!).

My Nominees

One. Jackie @ Too Much of a Book Nerd: This girl is hilarious, and I was lucky enough to be able to take part in a book buddy read with her! You simply have to click on ONE of her posts and you’ll see how funny and vibrant her personality is. Full of images, GIFs, capitalization’s for emphasis and other fun things, the blog posts by Jackie are both amusing to read and fun to view. She’s another very approachable blogger, which I think is really important in the blogging world. She also started her own tag called Fierce Fangirl Friday’s, which seems to be growing in popularity with other bloggers. Kind and lovely to chat with, it’s no wonder her blog attracts many individuals.

Two. Zuky @ BookBum: This blog is just pure amazement. Not only does she have a pretty high rating on Goodreads for being a top reviewer, she’s absolutely dedicated to the growth of her blog. She writes reviews, tips and tricks, awards and tags, and other miscellaneous posts that could make any person stuck in a trance of trying to read all the posts. You can definitely lose track of time ha-ha! One of my favourites are her Meet the Blogger posts, which I was extremely lucky to be apart of. Why do I like this? Because it isn’t about her, it’s about connecting bloggers. That’s truly remarkable in my eyes. She is pretty quick for responding as well, connecting with those who pop by her awesome blog.

Three. Inside My Library Mind: I was recently invited to join a read-along for The Raven Cycle series by Inside My Library Mind on Goodreads. I didn’t end up going past the second book, but she was so understanding about it and brought me hope for the possible Ronan series! She’s just a really nice human being! Her blog posts are wonderful, especially the blogging tips ones! I have definitely used more than one of those tips, which I truly appreciate as a new (ish) blogger. Her blog has a wide range of fun posts, making it a lot of fun to simply explore and see how a great blog should look!

Four. Eva @ Novel Deelights: I’ve been following and connecting with Eva at Novel Deelights around the time I actually started blogging myself. Firstly, that name! I think her blog name is SUPER cute! It’s like a cute little bakery and book cafe name! Her book review layouts are also admirable…making me REALLY rethink how I do my own ha-ha! The best part about Eva though is how nice she is, truly trying her best to connect with those who visit her blog.

Five. Flaneur @ The Jouska: Where do I begin?! The Jouska Blog is absolutely outstanding! Witty and fun, Flaneur does a remarkable job of just being real with people in the blog posts. Unlike other blogs I follow, The Jouska Blog discusses items from beauty to book reviews to movie talks and more. There’s an abundance of information, which is NOT easy to do in the blogging world. Down to Earth and overall an amazing human being, I’m super glad I came across this blog.

Again, if I could nominate you all, I would! One thing I would like to focus on in September is connecting to more people; I have recently followed more bloggers and more have followed me, but I haven’t had the chance to connect as much since August has been chaos!

Please feel free to do this tag and share the love. I think acknowledging how wonderful and unique all these blogs are is a wonderful idea!

Happy Reading!

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