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Hello beautiful people!

Okay, there are A LOT of good tags out there. Seriously, how are you people so creative?! However, Inside My Library Mind tagged me in this phenomenal tag that was created by Lia at Lost in a Story…it’s probably the most unique and fun and interesting tag I’ve done yet! Honestly, what a genius idea! So thank you Inside My Library Mind for tagging me and thank you Lia for creating this!


The Rules

  • Choose 10 or more book titles; you can also play with TV series, movies or basically anything that has a story and characters.
  • Put them in a bowl or mug; I used a tea mug!
  • Take 2 of them and mash them up!
  • You can take characters from one story and put them in the other, mix up the worlds, fuse the story-lines, anything is okay as long has it contains elements from both stories!
  • Write a (small) paragraph with the premise of your new mashed-up story.
  • Go on until you’re out of titles!
  • Have fun! Go crazy!

Mash Up No. 1: The Walking Dead and Lord of the Flies


Hah! This already kind of works! In the world from “The Walking Dead, the boys are all stranded on the island. Little do they know, a disease has begun to wipe the human race as they turn from the living to the living dead. As the boys begin to fight for survival and turn on one another, they kill one of the boys in order to save on supplies. But here’s the rub: the boys don’t know that the zombie apocalypse has started…so they don’t give him the final killing blow. Suddenly, they see this boy rise from the dead as he begins to feast on a helpless sleeping boy.

What will they do now? Can they find a way to escape the island? If so, how will they face this new world?

Mash Up No. 2: His Dark Materials Trilogy and Stranger Things


Luckily, traveling to other worlds in a thing in both series. Rather than the knife being lost near the end of the story, somehow the subtle knife was not destroyed and returns back to Will. However, Will discovers that someone has been opening portals to worlds without closing them…through some sort of magic that is similar yet different than the subtle knife. One of these worlds is full of dark creatures and unspeakable horrors, beyond anything Will has ever faced. In order for him to face such evil, he travels to Lyra’s world, the two working together to solve the mystery behind these multiple portals and what is so different about this one hauntingly dark world.

Side note: It would be really cool if they ended up going to the world of “Stranger Things”, since it’s Will’s world but back in time! I bet the kids from “Stranger Things” would get a kick out of that!

Mash Up No. 3: The Darkest Powers Trilogy and Teen Wolf


After the group in “Darkest Powers” are reunited, they begin to look for safe haven. Rumors in the supernatural community tell of a place called Beacon Hills, where there are a number of individuals with paranormal abilities. On their way, they come across a group of individuals who seek to annihilate those who are supernatural. Weak and exhausted, they have no chance of escaping unscathed. All of a sudden, a pack of werewolves with other supernaturals come to the rescue: Scott’s pack. Both groups realize there are a number of different organizations that are after them, all with different motives. There are also differences between them, such as the werewolf type Derek is compared to Scott. With so many obstacles, the two groups decide to face them together!

Will they be able to avoid capture from Dr. Davidoff and others who wish to experiment on supernaturals? Can they keep the killers at bay?

Mash Up No. 4: The Outsiders and 13 Reasons Why


With “13 Reasons Why”, I’m going with the television show and not the book. To me, these two already fit relatively together; both shows exhibit characters who go through very dark and tragic events. One way I would change things is by having the cast and story of “13 Reasons Why” set in the setting and time period of “The Outsiders”, just to see how things would’ve differed in regards to lack of technology and difference in school emphasis on preventing bullying.

The other would be to have the cast of “The Outsiders” in the story and time of “13 Reasons Why”; I find stories regarding “gangs” very interesting, especially when groups of people are separated by things such as wealth and social status. In this version, Johnny would be sending Ponyboy the cassettes, telling him is 13 reasons why he committed suicide. Ponyboy and his two brothers live alone, making the best of their situation. When Ponyboy’s best friend commits suicide, he can’t comprehend it since there was no letter. When a box of cassettes shows up at his door, he begins to listen and realizes Johnny provided a suicide note…in a different form.

What dark secrets lie behind Johnny’s family? Who are the people who constantly tormented Johnny? Why didn’t he come to Ponyboy?

Mash Up No. 5: Prison Break and King’s Cage


Okay, this one’s definitely more challenging…like really challenging. I couldn’t come up with anything TOO great, since half of the ideas I have are already in the series. In the book, Mare is captured and convicted of crimes she didn’t commit. However, her escape would be much different! Rather than staying in the castle, Mare is sent to a massive prison which is meant to keep those with abilities under lock and key. During her capture, she meets an individual who she recalls but can’t fully remember. This person is also unable to use their abilities, yet has a plan to escape within the month before Mare is killed for crimes she didn’t commit. Unable to complete the plan alone, the two must trust in one another and others in the prison in order for the escape to be a success, both friend and foe.

Who is this mysterious person that Mare can’t help but feel like she knows? Can they work together with both comrades and enemies? Will they escape in time before Mare’s execution?

Tag! You’re It!


Lost: Purple Quill

Drizzle & Hurricane Books

Des’ Random Thoughts

This was such a fun tag! Thank you again Inside My Library Mind for tagging me and Lia for creating it; I had an absolute blast.

Even if you aren’t tagged, please feel free to do the tag!

Happy Reading!

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8 thoughts on “The Book Mashup Tag

  1. Wow this is such a fun tag!! Thanks for tagging me! I love the one you put together for The Outsiders and 13 Reasons Why…SO SAD EITHER WAY. I think I prefer the Outsider characters in the 13 Reasons Why plot though, that’d be so interesting.

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