52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Thirty-Two]: A City You’ve Visited

Originally, I was going to choose the various locations I went to during my recent family vacation to Mexico. All those photos though are on my old phone…which I haven’t backed up yet…and I’m lazy…

Maybe I’ll do a personal post about that eventually. For now, I remembered the time my friend Jenn and I went to Wakefield and Chelsea, both of which are in Quebec. What turned out to be a possible swimming day turned into random adventures and lots of fun times.

Source: TripAdvisor

Our originally destination was Morrison’s Quarry, hoping for a fun afternoon/evening swim on a hot summer day. The quarry is usually on those top list of places to visit in Canada, so we figured why not.

Unfortunately, it had the weirdest hours of life and we didn’t get to swim…but we most definitely took some fun pictures (which are either taken by myself or the lovely Miss Jenn):

Well, we didn’t really want to go home…it wasn’t even past 6PM yet! Jenn remembered how I’d been eager to visit Wakefield, a beautiful small village completely surrounded by forests and lakes and the other wonderful things in nature…and it was a 10 minute drive away! If you ever come to Canada and visit the Quebec province, I highly recommend visiting this wonderful village. With lots of fun activities and adorable restaurants, you can’t go wrong.


What I love about meeting Jenn is that the adventure part of me began to blossom. As much as I love books, it’s a wonderful thing to finally start my own travels and adventures, even if they’re smaller baby steps. We’re planning a Europe trip for 2018…as long as finances go well! Now THAT’S a post I’ll definitely make.

Thank you for popping by Bookmark Your Thoughts! What are some of your most memorable traveling destinations?

Happy Reading!


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