52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Thirty-Four]: Things You Like About Fall

Fall is my all-time favourite season! There’s something very magical about Fall, I can’t really put it to words. Whereas most people start to feel drowsy and tired, I feel vibrant and alive! I could go on forever about the things I love about Fall…sooooo I will follow the trend of the Spring and Summer list, naming my top three favourite things about Fall!

What do I like about FALL?

For starters, I love the smell!

SOURCE: WiseBread

I know, sounds weird, eh? It’s true though! There’s this crispness to Fall, where it smells fresh and Earthy (is that a word?). Even in the city, I feel as though I’m bathed and surrounded by a vast forest.

Right up there with the smell is the colours, especially the early and mid Fall time!

SOURCE: HD Wallpapers

The amount of colours when walking down the street or through a forested path is divine! The pale and humble greens, the sunshine bright yellows, the brilliant oranges, and the deep and vibrant reds make me want to stay outside all day, simply to look at all the colours.

And finally, all the festivities and activities!

SOURCE: Pinterest

Halloween, campfires, haunted walks, nature walks, ghost stories, Halloween movie marathons, pumpkin everything, baking, hot beverages…there’s so many wonderful festivities and activities to be had!

Now that you know what I love, what do you enjoy about Fall?

Happy Reading!

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