52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Thirty-Five]: Your Neighbourhood

For almost two years now, I’ve been living in our (Canada’s) nations capital: Ottawa. Before this, I lived in subdivisions in small towns and the country; I feel like a country bumpkin at heart, so moving to such a large city made me rather nervous.

What really made my life in Ottawa much more grand and wonderful was when my old roommate and I moved to a cute little area called Little Italy. Currently living here in a nice and cozy apartment, I have no regrets making the decision to move closer to work and to a nicer area of town…

Source: Ottawa Move Blog

Little Italy is both full of life yet peaceful and quiet. The liveliness with the pubs and fun restaurants makes it rather entertaining, with absolutely beautiful lights down Preston (the main street) for cool night walks and exploration. It’s also extremely convenient for winter skating and summer kayaking, with the Rideau Canal being a 5 minute walk away.

Source: Stantec

The surrounding streets off the main strip give off a cozy and safe vibe, with bike paths and dainty older houses filling up the area. From growing families to retired individuals, the residence in Little Italy varies tremendously.

Source: Ottawa Business Journal

One of the most lovable things is the small touches, such as the artwork under the bridge of a classic Italian scene and the different decor that fills the streets, which changes from season to season.

Click on pictures for source

Some of the hot spots for me include: RAW Pulp and Grind, Pub Italia, Di Rienzo’s, Absolute Comedy, Simply Biscotti, and Greco Fitness.

Let’s just say that I love where I live!

Source: Preston Street

Thank you for popping by and reading another 52 Weeks of Gratitude post! What is the neighbourhood you live in like?

Happy Reading!

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