52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Thirty-Six]: Your Home

For me, I have two homes: the apartment in Ottawa I share with my roommate AND my parents’ home back in the Brant County area. Yes, I’m a 26-year-old adult; however, I think my parents’ home will always feel like home to me. We are pretty close, which I’m tremendously grateful since not all people are close with their parents.

So for this weeks post, I’ll chat a little about each place!

The Apartment Life

As I stated in last weeks post, I live in a cute little area of Ottawa called Little Italy.

Processed with VSCO with t2 presetThe apartment I currently live in has been my home for just over a year now; my first roommate (Jenn) and I moved in together after needing to escape our old one. We painted with some friends and made it ours.

When Jenn moved out, I had to buy a bunch of furniture to decorate the whole apartment…which I enjoyed since it’s nice to have your own furniture and things. My new roommate (Soph…who’s just as much fun) and I are slowly putting the place together, adding all the little fine details. We’re both rather minimalist in nature when it comes to decor, both loving the earthly greens and sky blues and wood decor. I can confidently say it’s been working out well!

The Country Life

My parents live in the country in Southern Ontario, full of vast hills and sporadic forests. When I go to visit, I feel this extreme blissfulness; the quiet and peacefulness of being surrounded in nature and outside of the business of city living brings me absolute joy. Let’s just say that the city life and I have our quarrels. Nature and forests are my kind of living, that’s for sure.

Those are the two places I officially call “home”. What’s your home like?

Happy Reading!

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