Top 5 Wednesdays: Authors You’d Want to Write Like

Hello beautiful people!

The topic for this weeks Top 5 Wednesday post is authors you’d like to write like. There are MANY talented authors in the world, both past and present. This made the T5W post particularly difficult. Shall we see who I chose?

All the pictures I used are from Goodreads.

FIVE. Edgar Allan Poe

Whatever your perceptions are of E.A.P., you have to admit that he was a phenomenal writer. The creepy and eerie feelings from his poems and short stories are legendary, even drawing non-horror lovers to his works. The beautiful language in contrast with the horrific stories told is just brilliant. I may not want to write horror one day, but I do want to be able to paint such vivid images in peoples’ minds like Poe could.

FOUR. Robert Munsch

When people ask me to recall my childhood memories, reading Robert Munsch comes to mind immediately. Utterly hilarious and full of life, Munsch’s novels are a thrill to read for children and adults alike. You feel a connection to the characters, since the stories are bizarre yet relatable in some way. My desire as a writer is to be able to connect people with fond memories and events in life such as Munsch does.

THREE. Kelley Armstrong

There was a period in my life when reading didn’t bring me as much joy as it used to; actually, nothing really brought me much joy. When I happened upon Armstrong’s The Summoning, my love for literature returned. Her gift for drawing people’s attention in and maintaining such excitement throughout the entirety of the novel is miraculous! To captivate people with exciting tales of trials and empowerment would be an amazing skill to acquire!

TWO. Philip Pullman

You know how people have celebrity crushes? Well, I have a celebrity crush on Philip Pullman’s writing. Just as Munsch is the author I remember from my childhood, Pullman is the author I remember fondly from my tweens and teens.Β His Dark Materials trilogy gave me a whole new outlook on both literature and life; his ability to write and build such diverse worlds is every authors dream. To this day, I continue to brag and annoy people on the love I have for Pullman’s renown series. To have such immense creative genius to create such marvelous stories is mind-blowing, one I eagerly wish I had and hope to obtain one day.

ONE. J.K. Rowling

Yup…probably a stereotypical answer. But is it really that shocking? I mean, she created this insanely fantastic and diverse and surreal world! The different races, the social issues, the magic, the lore, the in-depth detail to the history behind the magical work and it’s inhabitants…the amount of detail that’s gone into creating Harry Potter and continues to be developed for fans is truly remarkable. Not only is the universe extremely well thought-out, but the story is such a joy to read…and re-read.

Happy Wednesday! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. What authors do you wish you could write like?

Happy Reading!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesdays: Authors You’d Want to Write Like

  1. Well JK Rowling too but also Amy Harmon (she has such a grace in her writing!), Suanne Laqueur, Brittainy C Cherry and Leylah Attar. In YA fantasy I would add Holly Black, SJM and Cassandra Clare. Should be easy right? LOL

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