52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Thirty-Eight]: Music You Love

Hello beautiful people!

Yeah, I know…I need to get a new greet “catch phrase”. One day, my friends…one day. Any who, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT’S ALMOST THE END OF 2018!! Seriously, what happened to this year?! One minute it’s the New Year…then…all of a sudden…it’s almost another New Year…oh boy.

Ending rant!

Well…this is hard…since I’m a music geek at heart. I was that Music Council, Vocal Ensemble, Jazz Choir, Musical Partaking high school kid, when my dream was to go to school for musical theater. That ship sailed long ago, but I don’t regret my decision to NOT go to school for musical theater (Librarianship FTW).

Honestly, I love all forms of music. My iPod includes folk, indie, alternative, EDM, musical theater scores, instrumental, orchestral, jazz, blues, country, rap, hip hop, pop, foreign…this list will never end so let’s just stop there.

In the summer, I tend to listen to a lot of country. No idea why, but summer and country music just fit well together.

In the winter, I tend to listen to a lot of jazz and blues and orchestral music. The calming nature behind it reminds me of the snow and late night winter strolls.

But my ALL TIME FAVOURITE music…the music I listen to all year around…is a tie between folk/indie alternative and EDM. I know…what opposites.

There’s something so soothing about a good folk and indie soundtrack; the music is always super unique and beautiful, giving me these thoughts and memories of the cottage days and wanderlust in my forest adventures. My friends say it’s the hipster in me…whatever that means!

In regards to EDM…I don’t know! I love the beat, the neat tunes, the spontaneous changes throughout the music, and that beat that gives you this feeling of infinity. A lot of EDM I listen to makes me feel so alive!

The YouTube videos are definitely a SMALL example of the music I listen to, but I figured it’s better than nothing.
Another week done! If anyone would like recommendations regarding music, please don’t hesitate to ask! What music do you listen to?

Happy Reading!

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