52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Thirty-Nine]: Your Heritage

Hello folks!

A week and a day from now, I’ll be heading home for the holidays…woot! It’s going to be a fabulous two weeks away. Sure, I love my job and my colleagues and my cute little apartment. HOWEVER, I really miss my parents and my brother and family and friends…AND THE PUPPIES! My puppies are SO cute. Okay, they belong to my mom and dad…but they love me JUST as much. They are super cute and cuddly and kind of dorky…it’s amazing.

Alrighty, let’s talk about heritage!

One thing I wish I was more attuned with is my background and family ancestry; we’ve just never really been that family that celebrates certain holidays and festivities and traditions regarding our backgrounds. It’s one thing I actually really want to change, for I think it’s important to understand where we come from.

On my dad’s side, the family is Welsh and English. Wow…what a shocker. I feel as though a LARGE part of the population here originates from English roots. With settlers coming here and what not, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. My grandfather’s adopted last name means “…occupational name for a watchman”. It’s an Anglo-Norman French name. We aren’t 100% sure on his biological last name, but apparently it’s Valentine, which goes along with the whole history behind Valentine’s…wonderful. My grandmother’s last name means “joyful one”, which is an American first name. However, I couldn’t find anything regarding the last name origins.

On my mom’s side, the family is Métis and Scottish. A lot of my family grew up in Nova Scotia, which is a prominent place for both Métis peoples and those with Scottish origins. This side I feel a little more attuned with, especially since we didn’t find out we had native in us until I was in undergrad. Being Métis was seen as taboo for YEARS…so it’s fairly understandable why my Great Grandmother never told us until later. My grandmother’s last name is from Gaelic origins and means “fair born” or “fair son”; it has also been translated as “Love” or “son of the beloved one”. My grandfather’s last name is also from Gaelic origins and “…is composed of the ancient Celtic elements domno- ‘world’ + val- ‘might’, ‘rule’”.

So on both sides…my family names sound freakin’ amazing! Seriously, these meanings sound like something one of my favourite characters in a book would have.

Well, that was pretty fun! I knew some of the meanings already but not all of them. There’s something really fascinating about searching name meanings. What is your family heritage?

Happy Reading!

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