52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Forty]: Greatest Accomplishments

Hi beautiful people!

One day…one more day and I’m off to go visit my family!! The next two weeks are going to be a blast! I have a funny feeling that I’m STILL not going to have enough time to see all the family members and friends I want to, even with two weeks. How time flies, eh?

So…greatest accomplishments…really? I don’t know! Topics like this always make me feel awkward. Really, who likes to show off their accomplishments and achievements…it’s so awkward feeling. Look, it’s so awkward that I’ve used that word THREE times in one paragraph.

I’m going to just simply look back at my life and see what are things I feel really proud of:

– Creating “Bookmark Your Thoughts” (which helped me meet you guys!)
– Completing a Masters in Library and Information Sciences
– Acquiring a lead role in the “Jekyll and Hyde” musical
– Acquiring my National Lifeguard Safety Certification
– Moving to Ottawa and ‘adulting’ here without burning down the apartment
– Moving out of my parents’ house
– My advancements in yoga, HIIT and other areas of fitness
– Travelling on a plane by myself to another country…and not getting lost!
– Staying a vegetarian for 3 years
– Paying off my OSAP
– Finding a job after school (that’s always a scary one)
– Learning who I am and what I want in life

Okay…awkwardness done. In order for this to be fair, I think you guys should tell me at least ONE of your greatest accomplishments! No pressure though…okay, slight pressure ha-ha!

Happy Reading!


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