52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Forty-Two]: Your Favourite Possession

Hello beautiful people!

Well, my two week vacation is almost coming to an end…I need to win the lottery or something ha-ha! Some people are workaholics…and then there’s me, who could go into early retirement. Where I work is wonderful, don’t get me wrong! However, I have too many interests and not enough time nor money people! Oh, the dilemmas.

What IS my favourite possession…honestly, that’s a good question. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t like buying and having certain materialistic items; however, these things typically aren’t possessions I would be devastated about losing.

So, I sat and thought about the things I would be truly sad about losing and I came up with the following:

My Books

Oh yes people, you HAD to know I’d put this. I constantly talk about how I’m a bibliophile. My books are a part of my soul, my being. If a fire started and burned all my books, I would probably sob.

Scat the Cat

Do any of you remember Beanie Baby Toys? The original ones though, not these ones with the big eyes and such now. There was this one cat (named Scat) at a local drugstore that I REALLY wanted; my grandmother decided to buy it for me. To this day, Scat joins me on all of my adventures. She currently sits on my bookshelf in my bedroom!

Birthstone Ring from my Great Aunt

In high school, we had a family get together on my mom’s side. We all have such a great time together, but our get-together’s are rare. When these events happened, my Great Aunt Rosie would always give us a bunch of gifts for missing so many years. This lady’s amazing; when I was little, she would play Barbie’s with me and she used to make me porcelain dolls. Anyway, she bought me this ring that has my birthstone (March stone) in it. It’s one of the FEW pieces of jewelry I wear on a regular basis. I know how much thought she put into this, knowing exactly my dainty style/fashion sense.

The Necklace from Many

In Grade 8, my grandfather bought me a gold necklace. As much as I love the man, he’s not very good at these sorts of things (…gift giving and showing emotions, Lord love him). I knew it was a BIG thing for him to do this, so I completely and utterly treasure it. When he passed away this year, I added my grandmother’s heart charm (on my mom’s side) and my other grandmother’s charm meaning faith, hope, and charity to it. This way, I can keep all three of them with me all the time.


Last year, my grandmother gave me a bracelet that belonged to her and so forth. It’s SO beautiful and has SO much meaning to it that I have STILL not worn it…I’m so scared of wrecking or losing it. Having family heirlooms is a powerful and meaningful thing to me; not for the materialistic aspect, but for the history and message and story behind them.

Book of Everything

My mom bought me this book back in 2008, which I named my “Book of Everything”. It contains quotes and songs I love, random thoughts I have, things people have given me, and my own poetry. It’s basically this MASSIVE brain dump place before I knew about bullet journals. I finally completed it and started a new one in a bullet journal, but I will definitely keep it and maybe give it to my future child if they so wish to have it.

A Locket

My mom bought me this locket that I don’t wear. Why, you ask? Because the closing clasp thing broke and I STILL haven’t fixed it. However, it’s this beautiful pendant that used to have a note from her inside (which was lost because the clasp broke…). What I love about it? It’s something I can one day use as an heirloom to pass onto my son or daughter. Furthermore, my mother remember ALL year that I wanted this, showing how much she pays attention to me. I really love that woman.


PICTURES! Okay, we live in a digital age. But I LOVE having all these old photos of my parents and grandparents and great grandparents; it’s surreal to see the differences in time! There are also a number of Ty (my brother) and I from when we were little…to be frank…we were freakin’ cute kids! Especially my brother, who looked like a little cherub (that’s what our nurse used to call him). I could look at pictures over and over again, and not get bored whatsoever. Memories are a beautiful thing.

See? I had WAY more than I thought! Though I could move on in life if I didn’t have these items any longer, I would still be pretty upset. Do you have any really important/favourite possessions?

Happy Reading!


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