The “Me in Book Characters” Tag

Oh yes, I’m SO excited for this! Ash and Lo over at Windowsill Books created their own book tag…and it’s epic! These two lovely human beings are so adorable and incredibly kind – if you haven’t gone over to their blog yet, you really need to. It’s full of fun tags and awesome book reviews; you really are missing out if you haven’t visited yet.

Over a month ago (sorry ladies…), I had the honour of being tagged in their epic book tag creation! Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the first bloggers to try this baby out! Let’s get to it!

The Rules

  1. Thank the creators of the tag (Ash & Lo @ Windowsill Books).
  2. Thank whoever tagged you!
  3. List 5 book characters who you are most like and explain why.
  4. Tag your friends!

So…I decided to go off by my results from the Myers Briggs personality test, but also altering when I see fit. If you’re curious, I always flip between INFJ and INFP. I think ONCE I was ENFJ.

Please click the images to view the sources I took them from!


I’m no where near as cool as Atticus, but our ideals are rather similar:

  • Though different eras and situations, our morals are very similar. Even when the society we both live in is surrounded by bullies and racists and those who discriminate, we still maintain our morals regarding justice and equality.
  • Violence is not the answer, but we’re willing to do things we dislike when the moment is right.
  • We’re both lovers of literature.


Chloe and I are hilariously similar that it freaks me out a bit:

  • Unlike most heroes, we freak out when something is scary; we’re not naturally brave and calm, but we still manage to get through the scary parts and maintain some calmness.
  • We’re both excel in the arts and humanities in school.
  • We both have an AWFUL time telling people how we feel and opening up to people, even when we’re scared.
  • We’re both loyal to our friends and family.
  • We’re both rather introverted, though we don’t typically have trouble making friends.


Anne Shirley is such an iconic and legendary character in both literature and films, one that I strongly relate to in many ways:

  • We both have WILD imaginations, with no need for visual stimulants to create a world before our eyes. Playing pretend is very easy.
  • We’re both seen as rather odd, though this doesn’t normally bother us and actually is an asset when it comes to making friends.
  • Our feelings get hurt easily, but we’re able to pick ourselves up.
  • Though we like having friends, our imagination’s our enough to keep us busy.
  • We both are lovers of literature, even at young ages.

The only big difference is Anne’s SUPER talkative, whereas I can be but not in the same way as Anne.


When reading The Hunger Games, it actually freaked me out how much I related to Peeta. What was MORE nerve-wrecking is that so many people complained about his character…hopefully people don’t complain about me too:

  • We don’t necessarily lack confidence, though we know are strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, we aren’t ashamed of pointing those out to people.
  • We’re both very cheerful, typically seen smiling or looking happy. Though people think we may be too optimistic, that doesn’t bother us.
  • We’re both able to spark a conversation in crowds and with people we don’t know; however, Peeta is confident in this whereas these situations make me rather uncomfortable.
  • We’re dreamers at heart, seeing the beauty in the world. From sunsets to nature, we like to see the beauty rather than the darker parts of the world and humanity – we refuse to let those darker parts change us.
  • We’d rather use words or any other method of reasoning to solve an issue before the use of violence.
  • We’re protective of those we love.


Mia and I are soul-sisters…besides Peeta, I feel as though Mia is another character that really reflects what I’m like:

  • We’re both socially awkward, but many people find that endearing. We make people laugh simply through our social awkwardness and goofy natures.
  • Klutziness is definitely a trait we both share…talking from the sidewalk to the bus stop is a strenuous task for us both. Our friends are aware of this, causing them to fear the worse…
  • We both went through an AWKWARD phase in high school, such as not knowing what tweezers are and what to do with our hair. Though her transformation sparked earlier than mine, we both made crazy transformations that have people wonder if we’re the same person.
  • We both have a hard time discussing how we feel, unable to put them into words.
  • We’re both TERRIFIED of talking in front of a large group of people!
  • Even though our feelings get hurt, we still refuse to change who we truly are, even if that means people will be nicer to us.
  • We may not have LOTS of friends, but we have the few close ones and that’s enough for us.



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Thank you again Ash and Lo for tagging me! If you haven’t been tagged and I didn’t list you above…I officially tag you!

Happy Reading!

13 thoughts on “The “Me in Book Characters” Tag

  1. YAY! We are so happy you did the tag, friend! And thank you for your kind words! You are seriously so sweet ❤

    And of course, your character picks are AMAZING! Peeta was such a good choice! We really relate to him too!

    Happy reading!

    -Ash & Lo

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