Top 5 Wednesdays: Books You Disliked but Love to Discuss

Hello beautiful booklovers!

For this weeks T5W post, the prompt was the following: “…Some books we disliked or they were just okay, but they still have a lot of discussion points to sink your teeth into.” Well…this was WAY harder than I anticipated! There aren’t many books that I actually like discussing if I dislike them – I’d rather just move on. However, there’s the few I can think of that no matter how much I hate on them or how they weren’t that wonderful…I still can’t stop talking about then.

Alright, book listing time!


…I can’t help it…it makes the list EVERY TIME! It’s just an awful book in my opinion, but there’s something intriguing about the language and story that makes you want to talk about it. I even enjoy talking about how much I loathe it…so weird.


I have an unfair “hate-on” for this book. Yes…I read them all…but this book really stuck with me. Even as a teen, I found the love Bella and Edward have for one another so unnaturally unhealthy and eerie. Their obsession with one another really turned me off, especially in this book…but not enough to stop reading apparently. And yes…I like discussing the unhealthy relationship aspect A LOT.


I’m VERY sorry Twilight fans…but I can’t help it! Not only was I getting a little tired of Bella and Edward by this point (again…why did I still continue to read this…) but the story was just…I don’t have words. Bella has a baby which could NOT happen (yes…it’s a book…but seriously…too far) and werewolf boy imprints on Bella’s baby…it’s just weird.


Don’t hate on me Harry Potter fans, but I can’t help it. I wanted to love this book, trust me. The first big series I ever read was Harry Potter, so I was thrilled that they were going to have at least one more book with the original gang back. But the story just flopped on so many levels. However, I love seeing what other people think and having some good old debates on it.


Oh yes…I LOVE talking about how much I despise the last book in this trilogy. This series had a great start for me but slowly died off. The action wasn’t as good and the romances began to annoy me. But I still wanted to finish it. This book though…I couldn’t stand Roth’s decision with Tris (I don’t want to say anything in case on spoilers but people are more than welcome to ask me). I love to RAGE talk about this…a little too much I think.

What a unique T5W discussion! Are there books you dislike but still love to discuss? Do you relate to any I posted?

Happy Reading!


16 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesdays: Books You Disliked but Love to Discuss

  1. Oh yeah, I could go on forever about why I think the Divergent series is so overrated. Sarah J Maas’s novels also fall into this category for me–although I like some of them, I really despise certain aspects of her works but there’s a lot to talk about either way.

    In fact I like this post idea a lot, do you mind if I make my own post with the same theme? It’s a really interesting idea now that I’ve read yours.

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    1. Of course! That’s no bother to me! It wasn’t originally my idea anyways haha; it’s a T5W post which is hosted on Goodreads. They have some great post prompts that really get discussions going. If you like these kinds of posts, you should look into the Goodreads group “Top 5 Wednesday”. 😊

      I’m going to read Maas for the first time this year; hopefully I’ll enjoy this series. The Divergent series started great originally but just slowly died off…


    1. Oh me too…the rage just BUILDS when I discuss that book 😅. YES! That’s EXACTLY how I feel! Seriously, it’s okay what happened…sucks but it’s okay. It’s the HOW! It totally ruined Tris’s character!!

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  2. I didn’t HATE Allegiant but I understand why people disliked it… I generally thought the series was meh all in all, but overall I’ve never really talked about it much with other people, mainly because I’m afraid to spoil them! I’ve heard only amazing things about Mrs Dalloway and I’ve always wanted to read something by Virginia Woolf… Why didn’t you like the book?

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    1. The thing about Mrs. Dalloway is you’re basically reading the lines of a woman who was going through severe depression and other issues (her death was so unreal I didn’t believe it at first). When you read her books, it’s like you’re swallowed into that. It’s a very dry read, her detailing a whole bloody day in just under 200 pages. Honestly, it drove me a little crazy reading it. But some people love it! It’s a classic and has a lot to offer….I just couldn’t stand it. 😅

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