52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Forty-Six]: Technology

Hello beautiful people!

I can’t believe it’s already the first day of February; honestly, January just flew right by. I hope you’ve all had an epic first month of the New Year, full of fun times and awesome plans for the year!

The advancements in technology have provided me with an abundance of opportunities, many of which I’m truly grateful for. For instance, I would’ve never met all you lovely people if it weren’t for the creation of the Internet and the development it’s gone through over the years. As much as I’m not big on texting and still love to write letters to my friends, I’m grateful that technology has made it easier to connect with those who are far away. Technology has even made it easier for travelling and exploration; from travel companies to noting fun places from Instagram posts, I’ve learned more about the world and places I wish to see eventually.

This, however, comes with a grain of salt. Technology can be a message of greatness and a deadly weapon. We (including myself) need to learn how to use technology properly and safely, and realize that this is a privilege to use…not a right. Abusing it by spreading discrimination, prejudice, hatred and other awful messages is not what this should be used for.

We also need to find balance. I saw an incredible post discussing about how much more you could read if you just put your phone away; how much time we waste on social media outlets is much larger than we realize. This hinders other things as well, such as fitness and socializing with friends.

So, I’m grateful for technology, but I’m also learning to find that balance between using technology and simply putting it away. GO outside; SMELL that fresh air; SEE the world around you through your eyes and not through a picture on Instagram; LIVE as wildly and loving as you can.

Are you grateful for technology? What are you thoughts on it?

Happy Reading!


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