Top 5 Wednesdays: Favourite M/M Couples

Okay…I plan to read a lot more books that have M/M couples in them this year. Can’t a girl get some epic fantasy books with M/M characters in them?!

Anyways, my list includes characters that are romantically involved with one another and characters who have the most epic bromance ever. Hopefully this topic is done again next year and I can add more M/M romantic couples here.


Source: Blu-Ray Site

In S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, these two go through so much together. Though their love for one another is purely friendship, it’s so immense that they are willing to sacrifice anything for the other. Though they face poor living conditions and inequality, Ponyboy and Johnny still see the beauty in the world and share it with one another.


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Yes…they aren’t romantically involved either…but honestly, there aren’t many people who could love Hamlet for all his oddities and peculiarities as much as Horatio does. Even though readers and characters are left questioning Hamlet’s sanity and grow a little confused by his mannerisms, Horatio remains completely and utterly loyal to Hamlet. In return, Hamlet sees Horatio as a loving and devoted friend even through his ups and downs.


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I’ve talked about these two…a lot. Magnus and Alec are so adorable it hurts! Alec becomes a completely different person with Magnus, a much more calmer and relaxed person. With Magnus, he learns to love and care for someone again in a very real and beautiful way. The way these two change in a positive manner when they’re around one another makes me envious of their love.


Source: The Noob Knows

There’s a reason why I picked that image above, and it’s PROBABLY not what you’re thinking. Yes, I love these two together (can I please have a detective series with a M/M main couple please) but not as a romantic couple. What I love about Holmes and Watson is that even when they drive one another nutty, they still care for another more than anyone else in their lives. In Doyle’s novel, these two accept one another for their craziness and oddities, truly loving one another as family.


Source: Twitter

Yup…STIILLLL an obsession. I can’t help it! These two are just so freakin’ adorable! Though Monty can be such an idiot and Percy can be difficult to read, the two learn to adapt and grow together as friends and lovers. They’re FAR from perfect, but they’re imperfect together. Especially in a time when being in a homosexual relationships was not only difficult but forbidden in some places, Monty and Percy expressing their love for one another is not only beautiful but incredibly brave.

That’s it! If anyone has some M/M couple suggestions (especially fantasy novels), can you please leave a comment below for me?! Much appreciated!

Happy Reading!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesdays: Favourite M/M Couples

  1. Yes to Percy and Monty, and Magnus and Alec ❀ Ponyboy and Johnny I actually lowkey shipped when reading The Outsiders and even more in the movie haha

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