52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge [Week Forty-Seven]: Opportunities You’ve Been Given

Hello lovelies!

The weather here…is nuts! Honestly, one day it’s -20Β°C and then it’s in the positives. The headaches have been brutal…

On a positive note though, moving to Ottawa and experiencing life here is one of the many opportunities I’ve been given in life; though I may complain every so often, it’s been a surreal adventure here.

Other than moving to Ottawa and experiencing life in this beautiful city, what other opportunities have I been given that I’m grateful for?

Being accepted to the Master of Library and Information Sciences program at the University of Western is high up on this list. I’m incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to learn more about librarianship, information management, resource management, archiving and other skills that help not only me learn but provide me with the tools to help others.

Working here in Ottawa at Statistics Canada has been another incredible gift. Originally only meant to be a 4 month contract, I was truly blessed with the opportunity to extend my stay here and gain further experience. Now working here for just over 2 years, I feel as though I’ve gained such a wealthy amount of knowledge in addition to connecting with truly wonderful people.

The ability to complete my National Lifeguard Services (NLS) Certificate not only helped with job opportunities but with building confidence in my own abilities. Helping individuals by making them feel safe is an incredible feeling; knowing you CAN help them is even more remarkable.

In recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to start travelling more. From a cruise to the Bahamas to travelling in Mexico, I’m slowly seeing more of this amazing world we live in. Though it isn’t always a pretty picture, I feel less ignorant and I also get to enjoy simply exploring a place I’ve never physically been to before.

Though MANY of you have so much more experience than I do in the blogging world, I feel incredibly grateful that I have the opportunity to blog about books and other bookish things. Furthermore, authors and publishers have deemed me worthy enough to read their novels…me! That’s just an insane feeling! Though I have my blogging and reading slumps, I always come back.

In general, I live in a place where I’m constantly surrounded with amazing opportunities. One thing I really need to learn is to not take these for granted, for not everyone’s provided with such opportunities. What opportunities have you been given that you’re grateful for?

Happy Reading!

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