Bookmark Your Thoughts Blog Anniversary

Wow…my blog anniversary has arrived! Technically, I’ve had this blog for 3 years now. However, THIS blog anniversary is when I officially started Bookmark Your Thoughts and published my first post!


Happy Anniversary with with award image.

Originally, I created this blog to make myself find a joy in reading again. It never crossed my mind that I would meet so many wonderful people and helping hands in the blogging community. As much as I love writing reviews and doing book tags, I love talking with other book lovers and simply other bloggers. Without even noticing, I made more friends in 2017 than I ever thought I could. Last year was a fun year, but also a really rough year…probably one of the roughest I’ve had in a long time. Coming to this blogging community helped so much, letting me have my little bit of escape from reality.

So thank you all for people such epic human beings! You make blogging fun and worth while. Here’s to hopefully a more productive and fun-filled year on Bookmark Your Thoughts and on your own blogs!


Please never feel like you can’t reach out to me; whether it’s through email or commenting on posts, I’m always eager to get to know you all.

Happy Reading!


33 thoughts on “Bookmark Your Thoughts Blog Anniversary

    1. Thank you so much! Thank you for connecting with me! I think the most amazing thing about starting this blog was getting to know so many other incredible people. I feel as though the atmosphere in the blogging world is so positive!

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