OwlCrate February 2018 Unboxing: Hidden Worlds

Hello beautiful people!

Okay…slightly better with posting the OwlCrate Unboxing posts. The March 2018 OwlCrate Box hasn’t come in yet, so at least this is being publishing before then! A *bleep-bloop* for me (that’s the achievement noise on the Xbox 360)!

The theme for February 2018 is Hidden Worlds!

The items that come in the box are:

  • The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert
  • The Hazel Wood inspired stickers
  • Daughter of Smoke & Bone inspired pouch by Risa Rodil
  • Alice in Wonderland inspired sticker by Naomi Lord
  • Coraline inspired Skeleton Key Necklace
  • Hidden Worlds pin from OwlCrate
  • Through the Wardrobe candle by Books on Candles
  • “Books fall open, you fall in” tapestry

The candle and the stickers are actually my favourite items from this OwlCrate box…other than the book, of course. I swear, the candles ALWAYS smell soooo gooood. This ones my NEW favourite; the smell is rather fresh and clean, making me feel nice and relaxed when I’m reading. The Alice in Wonderland stick is extremely adorable! Naomi Lord has an vast collection of adorable stickers and other miscellaneous items, both inspired from literature and her imagination. There were a few Harry Potter ones I spotted…I may need to purchase some…

The wall tapestry is beautiful…but I literally have NO room for it…maybe my next apartment will have more room. I’m also not a big “tapestry” person, though this would look lovely in a little reading nook. The pouch is cute as well, but what I love about it is that the material is waterproof…which I’m accident prone, so these kinds of tests are a necessity in my life. I personally wouldn’t wear the Coraline Skeleton Key necklace, since I barely wear jewelry as it is; however, it’s incredibly adorable to hang up as decor in my room!

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert is a YA fantasy novel that recounts classic fairy tales in this new enticing adventure story…but with a twist. When Alice’s mother disappears, Alice must venture into the supernatural world her grandmother’s fairy tale originate from to bring her mother back. Those with a love for YA novels and retellings of some of the most well-known fairy tales will have a delight engrossing themselves in Albert’s The Hazel Wood.

I am a HUGE fan of fairy tales, so I’m rather eager to finish this book and read the sequel! Did any of you receive this box? What are your thoughts?

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “OwlCrate February 2018 Unboxing: Hidden Worlds

  1. I’m currently reading All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda. It’s one of three books that my husband gave me for Christmas. I’m definitely putting The Hazel Wood on my TBR. I’ve heard many good things about it!

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