Bullet Journal March 2018

Hello beautiful people!

I’m still debating if you would all rather see the Bullet Journals at the beginning or end of the month…the beginning makes more sense, though it’s not filled out much since I would’ve just created it.

If you guys could, please let me know if you prefer to see these right at the beginning of the month or throughout it…thank you!

There are a few things I decided to change up in comparison to the January and February entries. The “Brain Dump” section was removed, since I wasn’t really using it. Instead, I add sticky notes in the “Wants” and “To Do” sections so I can easily remove them once I’ve completed certain tasks…which I’m enjoying much more!

Another thing I saw some bloggers doing was thing “Personal” and “Business” calendar idea, where it’s vertical and separates your two different “lives”…if you will. I’m IN LOVE with it! Honestly, I should’ve tried this sooner. It’s nice to have everything together yet separated.

I’ve been getting back into fitness, so I decided to make a “Fitness Routine” page and show my progress of the “Plank Challenge”. I’m also doing this 500 abs shenanigans that my roommate does, but I added that later which you can see on a sticky note.

The last major update is the “Habit Tracker”. My previous one was just too much…it became overwhelming. I love this layout and style…it’s a little more manageable and I love seeing how the habits are separated by different aspects of my life.


Side note…the colours are a little darker in my journal…I couldn’t get the right lighting…sorry! Anyways…photo time!

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Hopefully these are better than the last! I didn’t show myΒ monthly memoriesΒ section since I hadn’t finished that by the time I took the photos ha-ha!

Happy Reading!

11 thoughts on “Bullet Journal March 2018

  1. I like seeing them at the beginning of the month because seeing how others set up the bullet journals gives me inspiration for mine. What you could do though is at the beginning of the month show your setup for that month but also include a quick look at how the previous month looks when it’s all filled in. Hope that makes sense?

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