Bullet Journal April 2018

Hello beautiful people!

I’m back…yay! The hiatus was needed…very much needed. Now, I just need to start writing some posts and catching up on everything you’ve all been up to while I was away…which may take a while.

Last month, I asked for some advice pertaining to the layout the the Bullet Journal posts. Everyone provided such great feedback and compliments; however, I’d really like to thank mistysbookspace for her incredible idea:

“…What you could do though is at the beginning of the month show your setup for that month but also include a quick look at how the previous month looks when it’s all filled in…”

Thank you all once again for helping me out with these posts.

The BIG difference for the April 2018 Bullet Journal entry is that I’ve decided to start weekly views, as you usually would in an agenda. With the chaos that is my life, I thought it’d be best to start having a weekly in addition to a  monthly list.


If you’d like me to post what I used when creating this entry, please let me know in the comments.







March is still my favourite entry this year, though I still like my April entry. I feel as though I’m gradually getting the hang of this bullet journal thing.

Happy Reading!

19 thoughts on “Bullet Journal April 2018

    1. Thank you so much!! (*squealing inside*). I’m just super ecstatic that people seem to be enjoying these haha! Do you have any of yours posted?? Also, I swear your blog went by another name once upon a time…I’ve been semi hiatus most of 2018 so far…😢. I love the image you have for your blog!!

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      1. I have a couple of posts all about bullet journaling up on my blog and am working on more, but I haven’t really shown mine yet. Though I’m thinking of sharing my May setup once we get closer to it!

        I used to go by Reading Through The Nights when we (myself and my co-blogger and friend) started this blog, but after my friend had to quit blogging because school had to take priority I went on a bit of a break and then came back with the name I have now. 🙂

        Thank you! I’m surprisingly still very much in love with it too and its been MONTHS now. I usually fall out of love too quickly. xD

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      2. Ooooo!!! Yes! That was the blog! Oh man, that was one of the first ones I followed! I was so envious (and still am!) of your reviews! I’m a tad behind on catching up on people’s blogs…but that’s this weekends homework!

        I would love to see your May set up!! I’ve become rather addicted to bullet journaling…I need to buy more things for it haha.

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      3. Oh man, you’re totally making me blush here! Thank you so much for your very kind words! ❤

        And let's not talk about my reviews. I am so ridiculously behind on books I SHOULD be reviewing, I think it's close to getting out of hand at this point. xD

        I can't wait to share it with everyone – if I remember correctly, that post is supposed to go up on the last Saturday of April! 🙂 And hahaha, SAME! I constantly have to remind myself that I have more than ENOUGH things for bullet journaling. I've been collecting for YEARS at this point I think.

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      4. Haha! Anytime.

        Hey now…at least you’ve been reading! I’ve read 6 books this year…only 6! I can’t wait for my life to become more mundane again…

        Awesome! I’ll try to keep an eye out for it! I want to start posting mine the last day of the month…since some people mentioned seeing the previous month completed and also seeing the new one. If it goes well, I might them into two separate posts…not quite sure yet haha.

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  1. Your bullet journal looks very cute, although being quite simple! I just started mine and I’m quite lazy making it look all pretty 😅. Anyway, I really like the idea of dividing “to do’s” and “wants”. Plus, I just realised that I need to do an inspirational site in my bullet journal/notebook to plan out my future bullet journal spread.

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    1. Thank you so much! It’s still a bit of a struggle ha-ha! There are some things I love about mine and some things that I need to work on. The BIGGEST struggle is actually keeping up with it. For March and April, I noticed I stopped using it about halfway through the month…so I’m hoping I will do better for May!


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