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Hello beautiful people!

Ha-ha! This is going to be a fun post. Thanks a bunch The Orangutan Librarian for tagging me in the My Bad Reading Habits Tag! However, I get to blame YOU for all the “oh no you didn’t” comments headed my way *awkwardly runs away into my room and hides forever*.



Not finishing books that I’m semi-interested in

As a book blogger, I feel as though you sometimes just have to “suck it up” and finish books, even ones you didn’t care for. Sure, I don’t get paid; however, some people submit their books to me (i.e. ARCs) to review. Though they all aren’t BAD, I find I lose interest as of late if the book isn’t basically a 4 cups of tea or higher.


Switching between books but never finishing them

In relation to number one, I will OFTEN switch to another book if I’m not interested in my current read…and then switch again…and now I’m ACTUALLY caught up in 5 books right now…5 BOOKS!!! Seriously…I don’t know WHAT’S been happening this year…but it’s messing with my reading…


BUying books…because “I have nothing to read”

The amount of books I own that I haven’t even TOUCHED yet is ridiculous. I will literally sit there and say, “I have nothing to read…I should go to Chapters”…JENNA! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD! LOOK AT YOUR BOOKSHELF AND READ THE BOOKS YOU OWN!


Not reading books on my TBR list

…it’s getting to the point that I wonder if I really SHOULD have a TBR list. Making the “2018 TBR List” on Goodreads has actually helped a lot. However…the struggle is still VERY real.


Not getting out of a book slump

My fellow book lovers…I, Jenna at Bookmark Your Thoughts, have had the WORST reading slump in the history of reading slumps. So far, 2018 hasn’t been my year for reading. Yes, I am actually extremely busy this year…but I just keep making excuses after excuses. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!


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As always, please feel free to participate in this tag if you haven’t done so yet! I hope you all enjoyed the post!

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32 thoughts on “My Bad Reading Habits Tag

  1. Thanks for the tag! ❤️ I am definitely guilty of the buying books bad habit! I buy new ones even though I have like 20 unread ones sitting on my shelf. And even that stresses me out, but I still buy new ones. This was a really fun post!

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    1. Oh man…the problems with loving books…I actually think I may stop purchasing the OwlCrates…just for a couple of months. I have so many books I could be reading but then more come…though I’m SO glad I received the May one…”Sky in the Deep” was just magical…I need Adrienne Young to write more novels ha-ha!

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  2. I relate to this post so hard! I’m in the middle of about 4 books right now and its really bad haha! Also I have a bad habit of not finishing books that don’t hold my interest 😦 even though I feel really guilty about it

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    1. Oh man…the struggle. I feel so bad when I can’t finish a book…especially one that are ARCs…I’ve gotten better and sticking through it and writing my review…but it’s such a struggle. I’ve actually put a “not taking review” post up since I want to leisure read for a bit lol.

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  3. This is such a CREATIVE tag! I love it! Sorry for blowing up your notifications. XD I’ve been behind on blogreading and I love your tag answers. This is one of my favorites I think! I totally do the “I have nothing to read” dance too XD Maybe I just want more books on my shelves??

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha! That’s okay! I always like a fun conversation, especially involving books! I’ve been getting slightly better at reading what I have. I just get into lulls and only want to read a certain genre. Like lately, I only want to read romance or coming of age… though I’m eager to read Six of Crows…hopefully fall will change my genre type again


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