OwlCrate May 2018 Unboxing: Fight Like A Girl

Hello beautiful people!

Yup…I’m finally posting these again. I may stop buying OwlCrate’s for a bit though; I want to try some other book based subscriptions for a little bit.

The theme for May 2018 is Fight Like A Girl!


The items that come in the box are:

This is BY FAR my favourite OwlCrate Box; the content is phenomenal and the novels are a delight. I loved how the tapestry was smaller this time; the larger ones they usually give are just too big for my room…and I’m also a minimalist when it comes to my room decor. The pins…oh my gosh the pins! The library one is my all-time favourite — biased though since I went to library school and all. Their small and dainty and fit perfectly with my “I’m booked all weekend” bag…oh yes…I have one of those.

I’m saving the bathbomb…but oh man does it smell good. I also believe they are animal cruelty free, which I’m always looking for. I believe it’s grapefruit? She mentions it on one of her Instagram posts! I don’t really use bookmarks that aren’t magnetic anymore, but the one they gave is super cute; more decor! Melanie’s art is really wonderful, especially since I just started reading Six of Crows — I feel as though she really captured Inej’s characteristics.

Though I haven’t started Catching Stars by Cayla Keenan, I’ve already heard great things. However, I have read Adrienne Young’s YA viking fantasy novel Sky in the Deep. A phenomenal story about family and belonging, Young’s intense action packed novel follows a young vikings journey as she must find the will and power to survive a number of formidable foes in her path. From weeping to cheering, the amount of emotions felt in this novel are infinite. If you’re a fantasy loving reader who’s desperately looking for a strong female lead and some viking action, look no further!

Did any of you receive this box? What are your thoughts?

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