Bullet Journal August 2018

Hello beautiful people!

Yes…I’ve FINALLY started Bullet Journal shenanigans again! I just kind was sick and tired of my layouts and I wanted to buy more materials before I started these up again…and I’m starting to “feel” it again. I still want to try and make it a little more minimal but I will get to that aesthetic one day!

As I mentioned in my April post, mistysbookspace provided me with a GREAT idea:

“…What you could do though is at the beginning of the month show your setup for that month but also include a quick look at how the previous month looks when it’s all filled in…”

Thank you all once again for helping me out with these posts. I do plan to go through with this, but it may not happen until after I move from my apartment to my condo. I guess you’ll find out with the September post!


Everything else I kind of just made up or found inspiration through Pinterest. Oh! If anyone wants to know how I edit my photos (not that phenomenal, but ya know), just ask me in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Bullet Journal August 2018

  1. oh my gosh your bullet journal is so much better and neater than mine! I started my layout for August, but I haven’t done anything and it’s already half way through the month…the shammmeeeeee 😂

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    1. LMFAO! Thank you so much! I’m like not artsy AT ALL…I just stick with the doodles that I know how to do and I work with it ha-ha!!

      Oh and TRUST me…I was there. I would have all this stuff planned and wouldn’t end up even finishing the bullet journal until halfway through the month. The trick I find is to plan and lay out your bullet journal a couple days before the end of the month for the upcoming one. For instance, I’ll probably have my “theme” picked for September this or next week. Afterwards, I’ll start working on it the weekend before the end of the month. That ALSO gives me time to write up these posts and take the “fancy” pictures and what not. If I do it ahead of time, I ACTUALLY use it.

      I decided to do a more minimalist style this month and I really like that idea. I want SOME doodles and I will probably add some fun photos representing the theme and month on the intro page for September, but I overall LOVE the August layout. The addition of the Expense Tracker is also great…though I ran out of room so I’m adding more space for September (whoopsie).

      You should definitely do your September one! If you ever post them, let me know! I would love to see yours! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. LMAO! You’re welcome. I’m also definitely not artsy at all, I wish i was but like nah.

        I usually have everything planned out, neat and everything, but this month I have been so busy. I’ve been finishing up summer hw and all that stuff because I start school tomorrow *silently dies* But ya I always finish, or at least start, my bullet journal setup during the month before…

        I like the minimalistic style. So far I haven’t really been one for a super fancy and extravagant design for my layouts. I usually just go with small flowers, lavender sprigs, etc. I did waves for August and that’s it. I don’t really do trackers, but I might start (especially for this blog)

        And I’ve been planning on posting stuff about bullet journaling…but I haven’t (whoops?) But ya I’ll definitely let you know! ☺️❤️

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      2. There’s a few really good minimalistic bullet journal peeps on YouTube that you might like. I think I am actually going to make a post of my top favourite sites for bullet journal inspiration…then I might do my top item recommendations. The one thing I sought out a lot when I started was what materials I should buy, which was A LOT of trial and error ha-ha.

        Oh man…I miss school…but then I remember homework and I’m VERY happy I’m done. The trackers are amazing…even though it sucks to see how poor you did in some areas at the end of the month ha-ha…

        If you ever want to do a collab sometime, shoot me a message and we can chat about it!

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      3. I love watching people set up their journal on Youtube! I can’t wait for you to make that post! I would love to see and discover new people 🙈

        Right now, I do not miss school (lol). Today was my first day and I already have so much hw to do.

        Aw thank you! I would love to do a collab sometime! (if i ever get my journal right 😂)

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