August Wrap Up 2018

Hello beautiful people!

August has been a CRAZY month! Not only have I been trying to get better at blogging and reading (which I think I’m doing pretty good so far), but I’ve also been in the midst of moving to my first home (#adulting)! I’ll probably spam some photos on here later for those interested he-he!

But that’s enough about my mundane life…let’s get into the good stuff!

DO have a book blog question for you guys…which is at the bottom of this post…so you can skip to their if you’d like.

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Book Review: Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

“One day all of this will be proof, proof that we were here, proof that we loved each other. It’s the guarantee that no matter what happens to us in the future, this time was ours.”

In the final installment of Han’s beautifully put-together love story, Always and Forever, Lara Jean takes readers on an emotional roller coaster as this unforgettable coming of age trilogy comes to a close. As they prepare for college life, Lara Jean and Peter take part in all the fun activities that occur as one exits high school. But as plans don’t seem to be going as intended, Lara Jean and Peter must reexamine their wants and dreams before they can even consider what their future together holds.  A breathtakingly passionate story that’s nearly impossible to put down, Han sheds light in the most romantic way what it’s like to transition from high school to young adulthood.

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BTS: Love Yourself Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Jess @ beaucoupbooks created a book tag called “BTS: Love Yourself Book Tag”. After commenting on it, she mentioned I should give it a go…so here I am! By the way…Jess’s blog is wonderful! It’s so organized, clean, and full of valuable information; she’s a sweetheart to boot!

I’m not gonna lie…I had no idea what BTS meant; for everyone else, it’s a South Korean boy band…I miss the days when boy and girl groups were more popular! I totally listened to them while working on this…they’re quite good! If you want to have a listen, check out their YouTube channel!

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The Social Media Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall published a post on The Social Media Tag sometime in July, and I thought it was absolutely adorable! Not only is it an excuse to do a tag, but it’s also a great way to showcase all these amazing bloggers that you may not know about but you REALLY should!

For this, I’m trying to pick people who haven’t been tagged yet (though there are people I want to tag that already have been…*cough* Kelly *cough*). Sorry if you already have been tagged!

Side note: Kelly is SUPER adorable and a fabulous blogger. We just connected recently this year and she’s truly a remarkable human being.
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Book Review: P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

“All you need is time, and you, little one, have all the time in the world.”

Just as quirky and comical as its predecessor, Jenny Han’s P.S. I Still Love You is a fantastic sequel to this thrilling and adorable YA romance trilogy. No longer playing pretend, Lara Jean’s experiencing for the first time what it truly means to be in a real relationship. But what happens when you can’t fully trust someone you love? What does it mean when you start to have feelings for more than one person? Wonderfully written and hard to put down, P.S. I Still Love You beautifully and accurately illustrates what it’s like to be young, in love, and searching for ones place in the world during those essential high school years.

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Top 5 Wednesdays: Favourites You’d Like to Revisit

Hello beautiful people!

For the love of…ugh. Yup…I accidentally published a post that wasn’t finished…good grief. My bad…

So…this is TECHNICALLY the Top 5 Wednesday topic from August 1st; however, I didn’t get to do it and I don’t like this weeks…so that happened. Thus, the topic I’m working with is Favourites You’d Like to Revisit: “What favorite books would you like to re-read? These don’t just need to be books, they can also be TV, movies, video games, etc.”. As always, I’m sticking with books…this is a book blog, after all.

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Book Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

“Love is scary: it changes; it can go away. That’s the part of the risk. I don’t want to be scared anymore.”

In the first instalment of a glorious young adult love story, Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I Loved Before takes readers on a romantic getaway full of bumps and twists along the way. After Lara Jean’s secret love letters are sent to all of her past unrequited love interests, she seeks the help of an old to friend to minimize the damage and get life back to normal. But when sparks come to life and other secrets from those close to her start to spill out as well, Lara Jean must uncover who she is and what she wants before more damage is done. A breathtaking story with both drama and humour, Han leaves readers with an overbearing desire to seek their own tremendous and magical love story.

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Top 5 Wednesdays: Books You Liked with Tropes You Usually Hate

Hello beautiful people!

This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is a freebie! Since I didn’t do the August 8th post on time, I’m going to do that one: Books You Liked with Tropes You Usually Hate. Simply put, “pick some of your most hated tropes and discuss books (or other media) that actually handled that trope well”. Mind you, some of these I don’t mind…but most books can’t do them well, whereas the ones listed below do!

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Spring Cleaning Book Tag

Hello beautiful people!

Oh my…I was tagged a WHILE ago in the Spring Cleaning Book Tag…my bad. Any who, thank you so much Alyssa Grace @ Serendipitous Reads and Laura Beth @ Hot Shot Headlines for tagging me! They’re both OBVIOUSLY amazing bloggers; they both have their own unique writing style and bring a wealth of knowledge to the blogging community!
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