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Growing up, I remember watching more Sesame Street than The Muppet’s … but I STILL loved them! The movies are, to this day, absolutely hilarious! Thank you Laura Beth @ Hot Shot Headlines for tagging me!

The Muppets

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Swedish Chef

Name a book that should have been good but left a foul taste in your mouth


I have to agree with Laura Beth on this one … Allegiant by Veronica Roth just destroyed a pretty decent series.

Fozzie Bear

Name a book that you couldn’t help but laugh at the jokes or characters


Though there’s some sad parts in this novel, I just LOVED Simon’s perspective and his witty comments. Overall, the story had a lot of really funny characters with amazing dialogue.

Bunson Honeydew & Beaker

Name a book that made you feel a little smarter by the end of it


This was one of the first Shakespearean novels that I finished and ACTUALLY understood without the use of the notes in the middle of the pages. It might sound really silly, but I was just so proud of myself for finishing it ha-ha!

Crazy Harry

Name a book where a character or something about the book drives you crazy


Not only were there a NUMBER of spelling errors and grammatical errors, but there was SO MUCH POTENTIAL! The story is very fascinating and I actually thought the characters were cool … unfortunately, I was left disappointed.


Name a book that was an easy read and gave you good vibes


I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this novel. People kept oging on about how it wasn’t as good as the first and second, but I actually thought the third novel in Perkins’ series was the best one! And it made me feel all nice and squishy inside ❤

Stalter & Waldorf

Name a book that you loved and was turned into a movie that you hated


This book, no, this SERIES remains to be one of my all-time favourite. I truly do plan to re-read it eventually. So when I saw that a movie was going to be released, I was SO PUMPED! Sure, I knew they would miss content, but there’s only so much time in a film. But seriously … THIS WAS JUST AWFUL! It destroyed Pullman’s beautiful work! It’s sad too, since the acting was actually not bad and I really agreed with the casting choices made. Oh well …


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