Bullet Journal September 2018

Hello beautiful people!

With the move to the new condo and getting back into a healthy fitness lifestyle, my bullet journal post took longer than expected. The aesthetic could work well for an October layout though, so I thought I would still post now in case anyone wanted to use this for their own upcoming October 2018 layout.

For once…I thought of this layout ALL ON MY OWN! Oh yes, I’m very proud of myself ha-ha! Since I know that I’m always curious what items other people use when creating their layouts, I’ve decided to list them below.


The colours I used specifically for this set up are ABT 228, 772, 990, and 912. For the Sakura Pens, I used number 01 and 03. Side Note: The little dots on the “Weekly View” pages are trackers for my water intake; one dot equals 1 cup of water.

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7 thoughts on “Bullet Journal September 2018

  1. Lovely pictures, and I love how much thought you put into it. That habit tracker looks really useful as well. What did you think of the portable photo printer? I’ve always wanted one but cannot justify the price.

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    1. Thank you! It took me a LONG time to get the hang of the layouts I enjoy for book blogging and my every day needs. I have some fun ideas for switching it up next month, so we shall see how it goes ha-ha.

      I really like it! The printer works nicely and it actually sticks to the pages, which is perfect when you run out of washi tape or tape in general. Since my parents bought me the fugifilm printer and I had saved for a while, I justified the price. I wouldn’t unless you know you REALLY will use it. I know I’ll use it frequently with my bullet journal and scrapbook stuff.

      In case you’re curious, the Fujifilm printer I have is this (in gold): http://www.fujifilm.com/products/instant_photo/printers/instax_share_sp_2/

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    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t really start getting into it until this year. I had NO patience for it beforehand but now that I know what I like and don’t like, it’s a lot easier to work on them. I’m not the best drawer so that’s probably the hardest part…hence lots of printed pictures ha-ha!!

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      1. There are SO many awesome sources on YouTube, showing you that you don’t actually have to be good at drawing to Bullet Journal. There are a few things I like to at least attempt, but there are ways to make a pretty bullet journal without being an artist per se . If you ever have questions, shoot me an email (contact tab) and I can show you a few of my favourite sources. I might do a post one day ha-ha.


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