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Oooo yay! I’m a 90’s baby, so this works SO well! Thank you Kate @ Harper Grae for tagging me in the 90’s Kid Book Tag! I just recently started following Kate’s blog but from what I’ve seen, it’s completely worth the follow and look around – you lot should all check her blog out ASAP!

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The Rules

  1. Link back to the creator The Literary Phoenix to show her some love as a thank you.
  2. Freeze tag was all the rage in the 90’s. Tag people you think would have fun with this.
  3. Have fun getting all nostalgic!

Pokemon – Gotta Catch em all

The author you need every book from

Hmmm…I don’t really have one. I try to read as many Emma Mills and Kelley Armstrong books I can, but I haven’t read every book from them. There’s definitely a NEED to though ha-ha!


A book that connected you with your best friend


That, my friends, would be Airborn by Kenneth Oppel. In Grade 9, I auditioned and was accepted for the chorus section in a musical. On the first day, I saw a guy reading this book…I literally jumped right in and said: “I REALLY LOVE THIS BOOK! WHAT’S YOUR NAME?” He was literally terrified of me at first, but now we’re the bestest of friends.


A book that seemed like a good idea but was actually a monster


Yes people…I’m a broken record. But really, Woolf’s novel was just a beast! The books in my first year Reading Fiction course were all so great, so I jumped right into Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway…BAAAAAAAAAAAD idea.


Book you hated saying “Bye, Bye, Bye” to


Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket was one of my first manga series I ever read. Even though the series is VERY long, I still didn’t want to say goodbye. I loved the characters and the story so much, it was such a shame to see the ending coming…


A book everyone loved but you hated


It’s been so long since I read Lore’s I Am Number Four that I can’t honestly remember why I disliked it. All I know is that I must’ve been REAL turned off by it, since I gave it a 2 star rating and I NEVER rated books below a 3 star at that point in my life…ever. I remember the plot itself was really fascinating but something was super off for me.

Oregon Trail

A book that made you wish you died of DYSENTERY 

Hmmm…nothing. Not even Mrs. Dalloway…I wouldn’t wish that death upon anyone!


Three books you recommend to anyone, anywhere, no matter what

I always recommend Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh simply because it’s such a beautiful novel for both adult and children alike. It’s one of those books that just makes you FEEL good and highlights on the important things in life through a very poetic manner.


So the reason why I always recommend this novel is that I find the writing style is geared towards a large audience. Typically, I’m not a huge historical fiction reader; however, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue is one of the few exceptions to this. Lee touches upon so many genres and topics in just ONE novel that I truly believe any reader can find at least ONE thing they really enjoy.


Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Paper is truly a work of art. The madness of the character seen through the language and grammatical structure of the short story is truly magnificent, something rarely seen nowadays. It’s a perfect balance in the Gothic and Horror genres; it’s not too scary for those who are really sensitive to scary things, but it’s got enough suspense to it for the die-heart horror lovers.



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And, of course, anyone else who would like to partake in this tag!


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15 thoughts on “90’s Kid Book Tag

  1. Awesome post! I freaking love Airborn!! One of the literary worlds I would love to live in. And Winnie the Pooh, I’m currently rereading that. And it’s so heartwarming. ❤ Did you see Christopher Robin? I loved it. I need to rewatch the Disney version soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! Some people love her work, so maybe it’ll be your cup of tea too! It takes place in one day as the character preps for a tea party. But there’s a lot more symbolism and what not going on in the story. It really shows her mental state at the time. As for why I didnt like it…it’s so dry and it’s heavy…professors do thesis work on single sections of this novella because it’s just that heavy. We analyzed 10 pages in 4 lectures. It’s a very dense book that was just weird and off and had nothing yet so much going on at the same time. Usually, that’s my cup of tea…but not this time. If you read it, you’ll have to let me know your thoughts!


    1. It’s sad but truly fascinating, especially the treatment of women and mental health. When I studied it, we discussed the repercussions of women showing independent thinking and how this scenario would have been a likely outcome. I enjoy when literature is both an epic read yet also a good glimpse into the past and how we need to be better.


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