Exclusive Promo and Review: Literary Book Gifts

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Melissa, the individual who runs the company Literary Book Gifts, contacted me sometime during the summer in regards to reviewing her bookish products. In this post, you will find information regarding: the “aboutness” of Literary Book Gifts, my review of the products, and my promo code you can use to receive a discount on all items.

Let’s get to it!

Content Warning: There IS a GIF in this post that contains coarse language.

All images are taken from the bloggers’ sites listed below.


About “Literary Book Gifts”

According to their “About Us” page, Literary Book Gifts is for “…book lovers and readers of all ages”. They sell “…high quality items with a passion for all things literature, ideas, and reading. Most designs are unique to Literary Book Gifts, you won’t find these products anywhere else.”


Review of “Literary Book Gifts” Website

After taking a gander through the ENTIRE site, I noticed that they tend to cater to the classics; some examples include Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, and L. M. Montgomery. To those who have a great passion towards Classic Literature, the collection from this site is DEFINITELY up your alley.

The site itself is very user-friendly with a minimalist aesthetic, drawing attention right away to the advertised products. It’s clean, organized and has all the information required for the purchaser. All items (clothing, totes and bags) come with a size chart to which you can choose from. The ONLY thing I would suggest is the ability to search by product type within the “men’s” and “women’s” section (i.e. by hoodie, by t-shirt, by tank top); I didn’t really like how everything was bulked together.

Shipping: “We offer $5 flat rate shipping for US domestic orders, and flat rate $10 for Canada and international orders. Most of our orders will ship within 1-3 business days.”

For more information, click here!

Sizing and Fit: The sizing and fit is fairly straightforward; layout your favourite sweater/t-shirt and measure it in order to know which size best suits you. The size charts for all items also appears on the product page. Warning: the sizing chart on the “sizing & fit” page appears to be out of date for some of the products (i.e. women’s t-shirts).

For more information, click here!


Review of “Literary Book Gifts” Products

I received a special promo in exchange for an honest review; thank you for the opportunity to review the following product(s). This in no way sways my review or opinion of the product(s).

In order to accurately review this site, I made a number of purchases to test the materials and fit (…and because I have NO concept of savings when it comes to books and bookish products). The items I purchased are: Beethoven Hoodie (Women’s); Emily Dickinson T-Shirt (Women’s); Typewriter Tote Bag.

I’ll be rating the following items on a scale from 1 cup of tea to 5 cups of tea based off of the following: quality, comfort, accuracy (i.e. size and fit), representation (i.e. likeness to photo advertised on website), and overall.

Beethoven Hoodie (Women’s)

The women’s hoodies come in 7 sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, extra (2) large, and extra (3) large. For proportion purposes, I am typically a small or medium in hoodies and I ordered a small.

Quality: The fabric is French Terry fabric, which is a fairly popular and high demand fabric for a number of purposes (i.e. light weight yet warm and comfy). It’s not the most high end fabrics out there, but it’s definitely a great choice with a lot of perks for those looking to wear sweaters when it’s still a tad too warm out. The print on the sweater hasn’t peeled off or discoloured even after my first wash, which I’m taking as a good sign.


Comfort: With the use of French Terry fabric, this sweater is INCREDIBLY soft and cozy…I seriously never want to take it off. It’s light enough that I can wear a scarf and shirt underneath yet still feel nice and warm in the upcoming Fall season.


Accuracy: The sweater fit as it should, snuggish but still loose enough to wear a t-shirt underneath. I thought it would be longer and thicker, but this is due to my lack of reading the fabric material section before ordering the sweater. If you’re looking for a baggy fit, I would go one size up rather than one size down like the website states (I.e. Order a medium if you’re typically a small).


Representation: The sweater looks almost identical to the picture; the colour and the image looked just as wonderful in person as it does on the site.



Emily Dickinson T-Shirt (Women’s)

The women’s t-shirts come in 6 sizes: small, medium, large, extra large, extra (2) large, and extra (3) large. For proportion purposes, I am typically a small or medium in t-shirts and I ordered a large; the website states the shirts fit smaller than normal.

Quality: The material used is 100% soft cotton, which make the shirt soft. However, I have worn more comfy shirts. There was also an issue with the representation that dampers the quality a little, which can be seen in the representation section.


Comfort: Before I washed it, the t-shirt fit perfectly. However, I was rather silly and put it through the wash AND dryer. Even though it’s pre-shrunk, I highly advise NOT placing it in the dryer ever! Make sure to hang dry your t-shirt. It still fits, but it’s not as loose as I would’ve liked which makes it not as comfy. This is my fault though, so I’m still rating it a 4 cups of tea rating.


Accuracy: The sizing and fit DID fit before I put it in the dryer, so don’t do it! Melissa is correct that the shirts fit smaller than normal, since I always fit small and medium sizes. That’s probably my only complaint.


Representation: This is where the sweater excelled and the t-shirt faltered. When I first opened up the package, you could see this weird almost transparent coat on the t-shirt around the icon in a square shape. Even after putting the shirt in the wash, it still hasn’t disappeared. The icon and colours match perfectly with the site.


Typewriter Tote Bag

Totes come in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. The ONE thing I found a little annoying is that the tote bag is the same price no matter which size you choose; however, there isn’t much different between the three sizes, so that’s a plus.

Quality: The material used is 100% polyester. Since this material is known for being more durable than others (i.e. cotton), I think it’s a smart choice for a tote bag.


Comfort: The size and the length of the tote makes it fairly comfortable. The material isn’t the softest but it’s still cozy.


Accuracy: The tote reflects the sizing and fit stated on the website. However, I thought the tote would be wider/open up more.


Representation: The image on the tote looks very much like the photo on the website. It was a tad more blurry than the site image, which is sharper; however, it still looks really well done. The colour of the tote itself is not as light as the image on the site but it’s pretty close. It’s to be expected when you order things online so I’m still happy with it.




Promo Code

If any of you beautiful people are interested in building your bookish clothing and tote collection, please go visit Literary Book Gifts! My personal promo code that you are all able to use is BOOKMARKYOURTHOUGHTS20, which is good for 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and can be used unlimited times!


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