Invitation to Poetry by Mihai Brinas || ARC Review

“i leave taking with me

the sadness of so many books left unread”

Eloquent and memorizing, Brinas’ Invitation to Poetry invites readers to experience a number of emotions through the simplicity of the written word. A collection of 61 brilliantly written poems, Brinas discusses a wide range of topics that are incredibly relatable and relevant to the world today. From the beauty of love to the struggle of identifying oneself in the world, Brinas’ Invitation to Poetry is such a delightful read that one may consider a must read collection.

Title: Invitation to Poetry
Author: Mihai Brinas
Goodreads: Link!

Genre / Themes: Coming of Age | Nonfiction | Poetry | Romance
Point of View: First Person

Publisher: Mihai Brinas (Self Published)
Publication Date: 2018
Format: eBook; ARC
Pages: 69

A book that reveals fantastic feelings all of us have experienced or are going to experience. An invitation to poetry embracing music, nature and love at the same time…

Source: Goodreads

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review; thank you for the opportunity to read and review this novel. This in no way sways my review or opinion of the novel.

It has been a long while since I’ve dived into a collection of poetry; so when Brinas kindly asked me to review his works, I was more than eager to say yes. The freestyle method to poetry writing is one of my favourites, and it QUITE popular today. In general, my experience reading his works has been grand…but let’s dive a little further into Invitation to Poetry.

CONTENT & TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains moderate loss and loneliness (closely related to topic of depression).

Brinas’ collection of poetry reaches out to so many readers simply due to the multitude of themes discussed. A LARGE number of poetry collections have the pattern of discussing the same topic the entire time. Brinas is one of the exceptions as his 61 poems address a grand number of themes, providing a wealth of exploration into different feelings and emotions and issues we all face in our lives. Readers may not connect to ALL of the poems, but I highly doubt there’s not at least ONE poem that currently does or has previously pertained to your life.

The language used in Brinas’ poetry is positively breathtaking yet simplistic all at once. What I find a complete and utter nuisance in pieces of literature (especially poetry) is the use of grandiose words that the majority of the population either hasn’t heard or infrequently uses in day-to-day interactions. There’s true talent at being able to convey something powerful in a piece of literature WITHOUT the use of these pretty yet not widely understood words, and STILL having the ability to make the poem sound eloquent and stunning. Brinas’ beautiful and simplistic writing is also grand for those of you who prefer to read poetry aloud, such as myself; there wasn’t one instance where I felt a disconnect or odd pause in his poems.

Invitation to Poetry discusses a number of sensitive topics, but the poems never felt emotionally overbearing. For the most part, I have a hard time reading the more popular poetry of today since I find is too much emotionally; not only are the poems discussing rather sensitive and taboo topics, but the language used also makes me feel as though the writer is stripping layers off of me and I begin to feel too exposed. Brinas’ poems are the happy-medium I’ve been looking for; the themes are raw and deep and sentimental, but they don’t make me want to crawl in my bed and hide from the world. For those wanting to read something magical and still feel happy to be in this world, I highly suggest Brinas’ collection.

Though the poems are magnificent, there are a number that completely went over my head. I’m not a poetry expert, but I did specialize in poetry during undergrad. Even with this background, there were a number of cases where I just couldn’t grasp at what Brinas was trying to convey. Unfortunately, this is just one of the things readers have to understand when entering the realm of poetry – even with all the education in the world, there are just times when you aren’t going to understand it all.

The flow of the poems is rather scattered, causing a disconnect throughout the collection. I was hoping for more flow, from one theme to the next. There are pros to using a randomized method, but this simply wasn’t MY cup of tea. During my poetry collection reads, I prefer the smooth fluidity of topics; it boggles my mind when I’m reading a poem on the happiness of finding one’s true self to then the sadness of loneliness…my emotions simply don’t work this way.

Invitation to Poetry is a truly beautiful and insightful reading, providing both entertainment and enlightenment for the reader. Though there were poems that I couldn’t comprehend, this doesn’t mean that all readers will have the same experience. From the woes of being unnoticed to the joys of finding true love, Brinas’ Invitation to Poetry is simply a must be for poetry lovers and those who would like to explore this writing style more.


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