Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You’d Cosplay

Hello beautiful people!

Before I begin…let me be the first to say…

Have I ever mentioned how much I love any excuse to celebrate a holiday? Halloween is definitely one of the biggest ones for me! This weeks Top 5 Wednesday topic is: Characters You’d Cosplay. I’ve always wanted to try cosplay…but my ideas end up being way too crazy and too expensive…so I just don’t ha-ha! I give props to those who do and commit to it though!

But if I WERE to ever cosplay…these are the fictional characters I would choose!

Five. Harley Quinn from The Batman comics

Ever since I watched the TV show as a kid and then read some of the comics, I’ve ALWAYS loved the idea of dressing as Harley Quinn…she’s insane…but she’s still adorable in that “crazy” way. I don’t think I could do the original headpiece…but something close to it!

Four. Harry Potter from The Harry Potter series

The Boy Who Lived…sounds pretty catchy. Yes…he’s a male character…but I’d still TOTALLY try cosplaying as Harry Potter because…why the heck not??!! If I’m not getting my Hogwarts letter, I can at least PRETEND to be a magical genius!

Three. A Shadowhunter from The Mortal Instruments series

Ummm…Shadowhunter’s are cool…and they have cool runes all over them…and look sexy…and can fight…case closed.

Two. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy

Yes…people have their thoughts regarding her character…but I just LOVE HER! She’s a fighter and doesn’t take anyone’s crap. Yes, she’s flawed and makes mistakes, but she IS human…and she’s a teenager, which everyone seems to forget. Pretending to be an epic archer that gives no f**ks about what people think (in general) seems like a sweet deal to me!

One. Eelyn from Sky in the Deep

This isn’t a photo of Eelyn, but it was close enough to my thoughts on what she’d look like. I really need to read more fantasy books that have a viking element to it. Eelyn is intelligent, courageous, and beautiful…a true warrior on all fronts. I can’t be her…but I can pretend to be a badass fighter…woot!

Alrighty folks! What fictional characters would you cosplay as? Have you ever done cosplay? Let’s hear about your experiences!

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You’d Cosplay

  1. I like that you included the Harley Quinn from the comics/animated series and not the Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie that came out recently! Also, I love the GIF that you chose for Eelyn from Sky in the Deep! It fits her perfectly! Thanks for a lovely post!


  2. Great choices! Never cosplayed before, but I’d have to go with something from My Hero Academia. #1 – I already impulse-bought the school uniform at a con. #2 – there are so many choices in characters! I still don’t know who I’d go with.

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