Bullet Journal November 2018

Hello beautiful people!

As discussed over the past couple of months, I was planning on showing my previous month completely filled in my current month post. The issue with this (I finally realize…) is that I can’t post until after the current month has already started…which kinda defeats the purpose.

So moving forward, I’m only posting the new monthly spread – as I’ve mentioned before, please let me know if you’d like additional information such as how I plan my layouts or where I buy my resources and so forth.


A lot of this spread was my own creation, but I did swipe some inspiration from Pinterest: link, click, go!


The colours I used specifically for this set up are ABT 772, N57, and 942. For the Sakura Pens, I used number 01 and 02. Side Note: The little dots on the “Weekly View” pages are trackers for my water intake; one dot equals 1 cup of water.


For November, I went back to having the title page taking over two pages instead of one. The calendar is back to taking over two pages as well…this was is just more aesthetically pleasing to me ha-ha. I forgot to place a social media section…so I just wrote about 4 areas beside the calendar (this is not included in the photos…sorry).

The habit tracker changed quite a bit again but not too much. I found this layout a little more minimalist. I had NO patience to completely redo the cleaning section, so I’m just remembering to look back at October’s spread and I’ll make sure to add it to the beginning yearly trackers for the 2019 bullet journal…

As always, I also found a new way to layout my weekly spreads…which I’m really enjoying…it’s, again, minimal and clean looking.

November 2018 Layout

To make the images larger, right click and select open in new tab. This will take you to the Imgur page, where you can click and zoom in on the image to view more detail.

If there’s anything else you want to see regarding bullet journals and my process, please let me know in the comments section!

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14 thoughts on “Bullet Journal November 2018

    1. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate that ha-ha! It’s literally just a lot of doodling (and finding things my limited ability of artistic talent can doodle) and research…then going for it and hoping for the best ha-ha!!

      You definitely could! There’s so many tutorials! I think I’ll make a Bullet Journal 101 Guide post sometime – showcase some really good Bullet Journal YouTube channels and resources I use 🙂

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