The Mid-Autumn Festive Tag || Book Tag

Wow…this is EMBARRASSING! The Orangutan Librarian (who is flippin’ amazing, by the way) tagged me in The Mid-Autumn Festive Tag back in November 2018…let’s just say I was struggling to catch up on tags.

Thank you again darlin’ for tagging me!


Reunion of Family

Name a book with family goals


Though the family element isn’t a HUGE part of this novel, I do love how they interact with one another. In addition, I really loved how the family accepted and loved Simon even after he “came out” to them. They have such a loving bond, which I greatly enjoyed.

Full Moon

Name a book with a werewolf


Kelley Armstrong’s The Darkest Powers trilogy contains a WIDE variety of supernatural beings, including werewolves. What’s also phenomenal is how much research she does to present the werewolves so close to their origins.


Name a kind of food in a book that you wish was real


Well…The Orangutan Librarian hit the head right on the nail. Honestly, is there REALLY any other answer than the sweets from the Harry Potter series?


Name your favourite creature from a book


Again…copying The Orangutan Librarian. I love the concept of daemon’s from Pullman’s His Dark Materials series. After reading that series, I felt SUPER sad that daemon’s weren’t real…I wanted one so badly — okay, I still want one.


A character that makes a significant change to the plot since he/she did something too many times

…I’m not quite sure, to be frank. I know…sounds really silly. But I’m honestly drawing a blank.


Name a toy or game in a book that you liked to read about

Quidditch! I loved reading about the quidditch scenes in the Harry Potter books and learning more about it from Pottermore. Though I have to say…it’s a pretty dangerous activity for students.


Name a book which you feel is the best to read in autumn


With the fairly creepy (yet comical) supernatural vibe with a little bit of romance added into the mix, this is a fantastic autumn read…or now if you haven’t read it yet!


Name your favourite FESTIVAL in a book

…no idea…yup…I’m SO creative he-he…

Tag! You’re ALL It!

Since this tag is from SO LONG AGO and references a WHOLE DIFFERENT SEASON…I’m not tagging anyone. Please feel free to participate though!


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9 thoughts on “The Mid-Autumn Festive Tag || Book Tag

  1. Aww thank you for the shoutout! Oh I so agree with you about the family in Simon!! 😊 I know right- HP food is amazing!!! And Daemons are the best!! oh quidditch is awesome. And that’s good to know that my plain jane should be read in autumn (I’m super psyched for that as well- so why haven’t I read it?!) Awesome answers!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course!! If i had a daemon, I’m fairly certain it would be a river otter. Or a small fox hehe. I’ll have to do one of those online tests again!

      My Plain Jane was a pretty well done book. Some parts were blah… …but overall grand! And because we book readers ALWAYS have so many books on the go lol. And thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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