Blog Aesthetic Update & Recognition || Bookish Post

Hello beautiful people!

Well … as you may have already guess … Bookmark Your Thoughts has had some updates! The old aesthetics I used previously are beautiful, a truly great start to this blog; however, I’ve been wanting something more: minimal, clean, and professional yet still cute.

This couldn’t have been done without Maude’s stunning work, who’s the owner of an Etsy shop called LunaBlushDesigns. She’s an extremely humbling person with an incredibly eye for detail and elegant works of art. And she just so happens to be from Canada — super cool, I might add ha-ha! Below you will find information on Maude and her work, the new images on my blog, and other bits of information that’s new here on Bookmark Your Thoughts.


About Maude & LunaBlushDesigns

“My name is Maude and I specialize in making graphic designs with a feminine feel for #girlbosses! These premade graphics are perfect for women-owned small businesses who might not have a huge budget for graphic design, but still want to present a polished image to customers.

My aim is to provide small businesses with the tools they need to get started in their branding; with a single logo or a package of images that you can use in almost any context (letterhead, webpage, social media etc). Just pick the style you want and I add the personalizations then send the images to you. Since we’re not starting a new design from scratch, it’s a much faster and inexpensive process than traditional branding packages.

I am a professional graphic designer with more than six years’ experience in designing logos and banners…”[click here to read more about Maude].


Bookmark Your Thoughts Updates

New Header Image

New Alternate Image

New Signature

New Teacups for Rating System

New Feature Image Updates

I’m not going to show them all here, since there are a few. Basically, I used some of my own book photos that I’ve taken over the year and added text on top. For this, I used Canva; it’s free (mostly) and VERY user-friendly. Though I’m fairly certain you have to create an account to use it, it’s completely worth it.

New Blog Theme

The new theme I’m using is called Rosalie, which is a WordPress theme. Honestly, it’s one of the nicest themes available on WordPress. The only downside is that I’m fairly certain you are required to have the premium plan to use this. However, it’s one of the free ones if you have this plan.


That’s all the updates I have! Again, please visit Maude’s Etsy website if you’re looking for some new designs; she’s absolutely amazing at what she does and is extremely wonderful to work it!

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