Bullet Journal March 2019 || Plan With Me

Hello beautiful people!

People … I, Jenna the Book Blogger, have ACTUALLY posted my monthly spread BEFORE the next month! Yes … I’m proud of myself.

Also … I’m still really new to photography and photo editing — so if ANYONE has suggestions for me to basically make the image more “natural” and show the colours more, PLEASE let me know!


For the monthly calendar, I found this lovely spread from Cindy’s Instagram plananotherday. For the weekly spreads, I used a really interesting concept from Alla’s Instagram journal.it.


The colours I used specifically for this set up are 158, 772, 800, and 942. For the Tombow Mono Drawing Pens, I used all of them; for the little small details such as the flowers, I found 01 the best. Side Note: The “w” on the weekly spreads are to track my water intake. One dot equals 1 cup of water.

Warning: This washi tape says it’s sticky — it’s not. It’s still very pretty but the point of tape is that it sticks and I don’t have to use adhesive to use it.

Changes & additional notes

After seeing the layouts on journal.it, I wanted to give habit trackers on the weekly spreads a try; I’m hoping this will help me to not forget to fill them out as much ha-ha!

The weekly spreads also have a sleep log tracker, a focus section, and a next week box. I’m a borderline insomniac, so I really want to keep track of my sleeping patterns. In addition, I thought that any BIG items that need to be done throughout the week could go in the focus section. The “next week” boxes are what I’m REALLY excited for — they’re like mini “future logs”!

The blog tracker page has a few changes. Basically, I added a post calendar tracker instead of listing all the random ideas. I forgot that I had an ideas place at the beginning of my journal, and I want to have a way to organize all the posts I have for the month.

On the second page where my habit tracker used to be, I added a new monthly fitness challenge — I used to do them all the time. This month is a love handles one!

Unfortunately, it’s hard to see the ABT 800 and 942 because the colours are SO light. On the weekly spreads, I used ABT 800 to highlight the day of the week and number in each box.

March 2019 Layout

To make the images larger, right click and select open in new tab.

March Title Page

March Monthly Calendar Spread

Book Blog Tracker & Monthly Challenge

Budget & Expense Tracker Pt.1

Budget & Expense Tracker Pt.2

I always leave one blank page, just in case I end up needing it for expenses. If not, it’s a fun doodle page!

Weekly Spread Week 09

Weekly Spread Week 10

Weekly Spread Week 11

Weekly Spread Week 12

Weekly Spread Week 13


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24 thoughts on “Bullet Journal March 2019 || Plan With Me

    1. Thank you! Typically two days but that’s with A LOT of breaks because I can’t sit for that long. Actually doing it? Anywhere between three to six hours; this is also while binging Friends. But when I used to copy off of other people rather than create my own thing, it would take an hour to two hours tops. The more you realize what you want, the quicker it gets.

      It really depends on how much detail you want to do and how OCD you are about it (I have mad OCD …). I also LOVE doing this kind of thing, so I like taking my time and enjoying the process 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not visually creative at all so when I start a project I really enjoy it but you should see how awful it all gets when I reach the line! You can actually see the moment in my journal when hand cramp and impatience has kicked in!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. LMAO! Doing it while watching a show is great. That way, you can just take a break and then get back to it when your hands aren’t dying ha-ha! Oh … and if you buy a ruler (I use a ruler), I suggest getting a plastic or wooden one (wooden if you want to try eco friendly). People swear by the metal ones but I find they ruin your pens.

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