International Book Fairs 2019 List || Discussion

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Well … a couple of months ago … I was contacted by the manager of Kotobee Blog. Unfortunately, the emails weren’t going into my inbox but my junk for some odd reason, which is why this is being posted so late …

Anyway, according to their site:

Kotobee is the complete end-to-end ebook solution for you and your business. Export multiple formats. Deliver securely [Source].

In addition, it “… allows you to create interactive ebooks, export them in multiple formats, and deliver them securely to your users” [Source]. Among all of their available software’s and resources is an International Book Fairs calendar, an interactive data visualization tool and infographic that’s updated yearly to provide users a list of book fairs easily and efficiently.


Kotobee Blog Resources for 2019

Kotobee Blog provides a wealth of resources for book lovers and writers alike. Some resources include but are not limited to the following:

International Book Fairs 2019
Writing Contests You Want to Enter in 2019
Writers Conferences 2019
Writers Retreats Not to Miss

The webpages are updated on a monthly basis to provide users with the most up-to-date information.

International Book Fairs Calendar 2019

The International Book Fairs Calendar is an interactive data visualization tool that allows you to find book fairs easily and immediately. Near the top of the post, there are clickable icons of different continents and a globe, allowing you to either narrow or broaden your search. Once an icon has been selected, a list of book fairs will be provided below. Each item contains:

  • the name of the book fair,
  • the link to the book fair information website,
  • the location and dates,
  • and a small description regarding the book fair

In the above image, I selected the first icon: North America. Once I clicked this, it immediately updated below to provide a list of book fairs in North America only. What I REALLY like is that it doesn’t start at the beginning of the year (a.k.a. book fairs that have already passed) but to the current month or the next upcoming event.

International Book Fairs Infographics 2019

An alternate list of the book fairs in 2019 around the globe is by using their infographic, which can be found at the bottom of the web page. I prefer the listing type myself, but I love the visuals of the infographic and how it’s laid out chronological and my continent.


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