Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag || Tags & Awards

Hey beautiful people!

Thank you Laura Beth @ Hot Shot Headlines for tagging me in the Book I’ll Probably Never Read Tag. I actually did this July of 2018 but thought it would be really cool to try it again — just to see if my answers are the same or not. You can view my original post here!

A really hyped book you’re not interested in reading


This series is SO popular, the books series and the TV show. But this series is WAY too long to start up now … so I just have no desire to start it now.

A series you won’t start/won’t be finishing


I started reading this series and enjoyed the first book — but I just never wanted to pick up the rest. I’m not sure why, but whichever.

A classic you’re not interested in


A number of my friends absolutely adore this book and the ratings are super high on Goodreads … but I just have no interest whatsoever.

A genre you never read

There are definitely genres I tend to not enjoy as much as others — but I honestly can’t think of any that I haven’t read.

A book on your shelves you’ll probably never actually read


When I was ordering OwlCrate boxes, this was one of the books. It’s the ONE books I received that I actually don’t plan on reading. I thought it would be my cup of tea — but I don’t think so. I’ll probably donate it soon.

The Nominees

Jill’s Book Blog | Thrifty Bibliophile | WhimsyPages

Goodreads | Instagram | Tumblr

34 thoughts on “Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag || Tags & Awards

    1. So weird ha-ha! My phone did that to me as well! I had to find about 5 people again because I realized i wasn’t getting their post updates for I was now unfollowing them … so annoying.

      But thank you for re following me 😀

      And thanks! I actually had a lot of fun with this tag — tags just seem to be getting better and better!

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    1. Oh I know eh??? At this point I’m like … is it worth it? I also tried watching the show and it was just … there’s a lot of sexual assault going on … and I just don’t care to watch that …

      I’m sure the plot is wonderful, but I couldn’t get past that part at all.

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      1. That’s how I feel. I was gifted the first book years ago and the amount of sexual assault just at the beginning was too much for me.

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  1. I read the entire 5th Wave series and think it’s a good call on not finishing. I always think the first book in dystopian trilogies is the best anyway, and this one was no different!

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    1. I was super sad to hear a lot of people didn’t enjoy Hazel Wood. My one friend said I really shouldn’t because she knows how much I love that genre and thought I would get mad ha-ha!!

      Outlander is too long … it makes me feel exhausted just thinking about trying to read it all ha-ha!!


  2. Your mention of Little Women made me smile. I recognise it as a classic and I love it, but, honestly? – it is not an essential reading it all. If it were not for the movies, I would never have picked it up in the first place.

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      1. I liked Little Women well enough. I liked reading it more than watching it. I get kind of bored by the movie adaptations. I don’t think I’ll ever read the sequels, but I’m glad I did read the original.

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    1. LMAO! This made me giggle so much!! I do enjoy dystopia — but I find I’m REALLY picky with this genre. I actually have NO idea what made me decide not to read it … I think someone spoiled the ending and I was just not havin’ it

      And of course! Super excited to read your answers 😀

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      1. 😀 Spoilers are the worst! This happened to me with the Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson, but only because I was like “hey, let’s read the blurb for the last book of the series, while I’m still in the middle of the 1st one” 🤦

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  3. I loved reading your answers to this tag! ☺️
    So, strange, or weird, however you want to look at it, haha, I have dreams about reading Outlander. Like, I’ll be at the library checking the book out, or one time I was in a forest trying to find the books (NO idea what that was about) And for some reason I keep thinking that I’ll read it and it’s because of these dreams that I want to read the books… it’s funny I have no desire to watch the tv series. 🤣😂😅

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  4. Ooh, interesting tag for bookworms! I saw the 5th Wave, which led me to the book. Then I read book 1 and decided it was probably the only book on the planet that wasn’t better than the movie! I thought it was so poorly written; it drive me absolutely insane. And, so, I’ve never finished the series.

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      1. Guess I don’t read as much teen lit as I thought XD I kind of ignore age labels and just read whatever sounds good. Sometimes that’s middle grade, sometimes teen, ya, or adult.

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