Kill Code by Clive Fleury || ARC Review

“Taking a deep breath, I ripped the envelope open and pulled out an official- looking letter. I scanned the note quickly as Max peered over my shoulder. ‘Well?'”

Synopsis: WHEN THE OCEANS RISE…THE TRUTH DROWNS. It’s the year 2031. Our future. Their present. A world decimated by climate catastrophe, where the sun’s heat is deadly and the ocean rises higher every day. A world ruled by the rich, powerful, and corrupt. A world where a good man can’t survive for long … 

Source: Goodreads

Title: Kill Code
Series: Kill Code, Book One
Author: Clive Fleury
Links: Amazon CA | Book Depository | Goodreads

Genre / Themes: Dystopia | Science Fiction
Point of View: First Person

Publisher: TCK Publishing
Publication Date: 2018
Format: eBook
Pages: 220

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review; thank you for the opportunity to read and review this novel. This in no way sways my review or opinion of the novel.

It has been a good while since I’ve read a dystopian novel — after a number of disappointing reads, I kept far away. So when Fleury asked me to review his novel, I was a little hesitant. Luckily I stuck with my instincts, for Kill Code ended up being a phenomenal read! Full of plot twists like no other and a compelling main character that I only wish to know more and more about, Fleury’s dystopian novel is a thrilling reading experience that will leave you wanting more.

CONTENT & TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains abuse (emotional, verbal, physical), anxiety, blood/gore, death (murder), prostitution (briefly mentioned), trauma (PTSD), and violence (gun violence, physical assault).

Heroic yet flawed, the main character’s both interesting and relatable in many ways. Hogan Duran’s a mid thirties former cop who’s simply trying to make ends meat for both himself and his former partner on the force. Haunted by his past, Hogan brings to the novel this beautifully brilliant yet wonderfully imperfect character. From having quick thinking skills to an ongoing struggle with PTSD, Hogan’s an exemplary example of how appearances can be deceiving … even those who SEEM like they’ve got it all together have their own demons. THAT’S what’s so great about him — he’s relatable and real. Hogan shows readers that even when things look dark, there’s still a fighting chance. He’s not the only character like this — many of the side characters have intricate and engrossing backstories that make you FEEL for them and want to know more.

Fascinating yet terrifying, Fleury’s able to both write a tremendous novel while also highlighting upon some pressing issues. Kill Code discusses a number of environmental and social issues, to which Fleury’s NOT afraid to face on and explore. Climate change, government corruption, classism, social injustice … this novel illustrates a scary yet all too real look at how our world is now, and how it’s going to look in the near future if we don’t start acting now. The more we hide and deny it all, the worse off we are and the people of the future will be. Authors have the ability to incite a desire for change in the people who read their novels, yet not all of them use this power. Fleury’s one of the many wonderful authors who HAS utilized this opportunity, which is invigorating!

Beautifully descriptive and compelling, Fleury’s novel flows so well that you’ll be left wondering how you already finished the novel. This is SUCH a lovely experience when reading novels! Fleury’s novel’s one of those rarities that may SEEM like something already published, but contains these special little pieces and elements to create this original flair about it, making Kill Code stand out from the rest. The writing style’s mesmerizing, drawing readers into this intense yet exciting futuristic world. An absolutely tremendous thing about Fleury’s writing is how capable he is at writing action scenes, making you F E E L as though you’re watching a movie … and there’s an abundance of this throughout the novel! This, in addition to the well paced writing style throughout the majority of the novel, made Kill Code such a wonderful reading experience.

If you’re looking for a book where you FINALLY won’t be able to guess the plot twist … Kill Code is DEFINITELY the book for you. Honestly, I actually exclaimed my complete and utter shock aloud — in public, I might add. Sure, there are a few things I had pegged from the first couple of chapters … but the MAJOR plot twist came out of nowhere! And the best thing? The plot twist ACTUALLY makes sense. Fleury makes sure to cover all the areas in his novel for little to no plot holes — a pleasant change and surprise from some of my past dystopia reading experiences.

Though an action intensive novel, the beginning is — unfortunately — a slow start. The first portion of the first chapter in Kill Code is suspenseful, inviting the reader into Fleury’s adventure packed novel. Shortly after though, the novel briefly discusses Hogan’s mundane day-to-day experiences. This is bound to happen in novels, but this isn’t what my issue was — it was HOW this portion was written. It felt very “matter-of-fact” rather than in-depth and descriptive like the rest of the novel does, making it hard to get into at times. FORTUNATELY, this doesn’t last beyond the first two to three chapters.

The story in Kill Code is captivating and unique, but the world and plot exploration needs some work. Though we slowly get to learn more about Hogan and the current state of affairs in this futuristic reality, there wasn’t as much attention to the “details” that really help establish the setting and worldly events. This was particularly unfortunate, as it helps explain why Hogan’s in his current predicament. Fleury touched upon the government corruption, the injustices between the classes, and major crime groups in the area … but it still felt as though we were just scratching the surface, never getting into the “good stuff”. I was hoping for a world exploration similar to Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy. Fleury DOES intend on making this a trilogy, so this may have been done deliberately … but I was still left with this “unsatisfying” feeling.

Fleury’s Kill Code is an phenomenal reading experience, one that I firmly believe will become an ultimately epic dystopian trilogy. From action packed scenes to addressing the real issues head one, this novel presents a number of wonderful elements and qualities about it for a wide number of reader types. Though some parts are slow and the world building was disappointing, the rest of the novel and the characters within it make up for it all! Looking for a thrilling dystopian adult novel? You may be JUST in luck!

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7 thoughts on “Kill Code by Clive Fleury || ARC Review

  1. Wonderful review, Jenna! I honestly haven’t read a dystopian book in a little while either, but this one sounds like such a fun ride! It’s awesome how the plot twists were unexpected, yet made perfect sense after they were revealed! Those are the best kinds of twists! 😉

    It’s a shame the world building wasn’t quite as detailed as you hoped it would be! I hoped it’s explored in greater depth in the future sequels, for you!

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