Bullet Journal May 2019 || Plan With Me

Hello beautiful people!

Look at this! I’m posting before the end of the month! Hooray! Note: This is a seldom thing for me, since I tend to forget that the month is almost over … so I post late … so yes, I’m very happy about this! This spread took me approximately 3 hours to do (with breaks obviously) — but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a HUGE perfectionist with these and my eyes can only focus on the little dots for so long. So it probably won’t take you as long

I hope you all enjoy it!


I was having a difficult time coming up with my own ideas this month, so I looked for inspiration EVERYWHERE! The inspirations I used are:


The colours I used specifically for this set up are 158, 942, and 993. For the Tombow Mono Drawing Pens, I used 01 and 05; for the little small details such as the flowers, I found 01 the best.

Changes & additional notes

The first page of the title page was left blank. I saw some people doing these amazing word collages, putting a word a day on the spread. It looks like fun … so why not? I’ll remember to put a photo up later!

On the monthly spread, I added a “tasks” section that I’ll have throughout the month. There are little note sections on the Weekly Spreads but I wanted to add one on the monthly for events throughout May as a whole.

The budget and expense tracker has only SLIGHTLY updated. At the end, I added a savings tracker. I saw some people doing these cute savings jars in their bullet journal but they did it at the beginning so they don’t have to re-draw it every month. I might do this in my next journal but for now, I want to add this to keep myself in check!

And lastly, I re-vamped the weekly spreads a tad. I added a month at a glance calendar, did the trackers differently, and did the layout differently for fun.

I decided not to filter so much for these photos. I literally just used natural lighting, and then put the photos in Afterlight to up the brightness (+60), the clarity (+15), the temperature (+10), and the sharpness (+10).

May 2019 Layout

To make the images larger, right click and select open in new tab.

May Title Page

May Monthly Calendar Spread

Book Blog Tracker & Fitness Routine

Budget & Expense Tracker

Weekly Spread Week 18

Weekly Spread Week 19

Weekly Spread Week 20

Weekly Spread Week 21

Weekly Spread Week 22


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16 thoughts on “Bullet Journal May 2019 || Plan With Me

  1. I just want you to know that the whole time I was looking through your bujo pictures I had my hand on my cheek and went ‘ooooh how pretty!’ I love your tasks tracker and having a savings tracker, it may feel a bit more positive against the budgeting!

    Liked by 1 person

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